Last Updated: 18 May 2022 08:29 by Rathna

The RadSkinManager has some missing controls(e.g. RadCard) in the ControlTypeToApplySkin definition, hence the following approach does not work for it:

skinmanager.TargetControls.Add(ControlTypeToApplySkin.RadCard ,"Vista"); //ControlTypeToApplySkin.RadCard does not exist

Last Updated: 30 Jan 2020 07:17 by ADMIN
When loading custom skin trough  RadSkinManager -> Skins -> SkinReference.Path, the logic inside RadSkinManager.FillNonEmbeddedSkinsInfo does not work correctly: in order to load ComboBox.MySkin.css, per say, it requires ComboBox folder to be present inside the custom skin folder.