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Created by: Joel Kraft
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Category: DateRangePicker
Type: Bug Report

Error thrown:
Uncaught Sys.InvalidOperationException: Sys.InvalidOperationException: 'maxDate' is not a property or an existing field.

Setup for reproduction:

<asp:ScriptManager runat="server" ID="ScriptManager1"></asp:ScriptManager>

<telerik:RadDateRangePicker runat="server" ID="RadDateRangePicker1"
MinDate="2022-05-01" MaxDate="2022-05-01">

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Created by: John
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Category: DateRangePicker
Type: Bug Report


When RadDateRangePicker has StartDatePicker-AutoPostBack and EndDatePicker-AutoPostBack set to "true", after postback when focusing the end date: the days from ending month are not selected in the calendar.

They are selected on the left side, but not on the right side. Is this intended behavior? 

Code excerpt:

<telerik:RadDateRangePicker ID="rdrpDateRange" runat="server" StartDatePicker-AutoPostBack="true" EndDatePicker-AutoPostBack="true" />

Thank you.

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PopupDirection property of RadDateRangePicker has no effect.