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I'm brand new to Telerik controls, so I know I'm not doing something right.  I have a RadDock whose ContentTemplate contains a UserControl containing a RadListBox.  The controls contained in the ItemTemplate do not appear.  I believe I"ve narrowed down the issue to the attached code.  Can you tell me why the RadListBox content does not appear?  In the code sample I have the exact same code outside of the RadDock and it displays fine.   Also, I have the exact same problem when adding my UserControl to a RadSlidingPane. The contained listbox again does no appear.
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Last Updated: 17 Mar 2015 08:08 by Elena
We have this client reporting to me that RadDock control is not working on Windows 8 using Google Chrome most updated version. I have double check on this but it is working on my end using Windows 7 Google Chrome most updated version too.

She is saying that on Windows 8 Google Chrome, she would not able to drag the RadDock control from RadDockZone1 to RadDockZone2.

Let me know if this something that is a bug on your end?