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Scheduled for R3 2020 SP1
Created by: Narendra
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Category: UI for ASP.NET AJAX
Type: Feature Request

Currently, the asp:Label and telerik:RadLabel are rendering the AssociatedControlID of the ComboBox as for="RadComboBox1" while it should be for="RadComboBox1_Input"


1) Use Sys.Application.Load event to fix all labels associated with RadComboBoxes: 

<script type="text/javascript">
    function fixLabelFor() {
        $telerik.$("label[for]").each(function () {
            var lbl = $telerik.$(this)
            if ($telerik.$("#" + lbl.attr("for")).hasClass("RadComboBox")) {
                lbl.attr("for", lbl.attr("for") + "_Input");
        // Sys.Application.remove_load(fixLabelFor); 

2) Use OnClientLoad of the ComboBox you want to apply the fix to:
    function OnClientLoad(sender, args) {
        var ariasettings = JSON.parse(sender._ariaSettings)
        if (ariasettings && ariasettings["aria-describedby"]) {
            var lbl = $get(ariasettings["aria-describedby"]);
            lbl.setAttribute("for", lbl.getAttribute("for") + "_Input")

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Scheduled for R1 2021
Created by: Vessy
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Category: UI for ASP.NET AJAX
Type: Feature Request
Possible BreadCrumb integration with RadMenu and Orgchart:
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Scheduled for R1 2021
There should be RadGrid.ExportSettings.WorksheetName property to name a Sheet inside the Excel file, instead of having it named after the RadGrid.ExportSettings.FileName property as well as to avoid additional coding to Work around this.
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Scheduled for R1 2021
Created by: Rajendra
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Category: Grid
Type: Feature Request

Could we have an "export to excel functionality" in "rad grid" to 
a "predefined formatted excel file".
So my excel exported file wont loose the formatting.
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Scheduled for R1 2021
Auto-Fit column width when exporting to excel using Format="Xlsx"

 I'd really like to have the columns automatically adjust to fit the width of the content.
Last Updated: 11 Aug 2020 22:10 by John
Scheduled for R3 2020

Issue previously reported by others and marked resolved as of R2 2020 in June 2020

However, I am running Chrome 84 with the latest build - 2020.2.617.40.

The issue remains.

Radbutton with type=linkbutton, fails to postback

This button used to open the navigateURL as well as execute codebehind


<telerik:RadButton runat="server" ID="btnPrint" ButtonType="LinkButton" Text="Print Deposit Slip" NavigateUrl="/printform.aspx" Target="_blank" UseSubmitBehavior="false" SingleClick="true" SingleClickText="working..." />

Protected Sub btnPrint_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles btnPrint.Click


End Sub




Last Updated: 30 Apr 2020 08:22 by ADMIN
For the time being the property can be set on the client through the chartObject. For example:
		function pageLoad() {
			var chart = $find("<%=RadHtmlChart1.ClientID%>");
			chart._chartObject.options.series[0].highlight = {
				markers: {
					visible: true
		<telerik:RadHtmlChart ID="RadHtmlChart1" runat="server" Width="600" Height="400">
						<MarkersAppearance Visible="false" />
							<telerik:CategorySeriesItem Y="30" />
							<telerik:CategorySeriesItem Y="10" />
							<telerik:CategorySeriesItem Y="20" />
							<telerik:CategorySeriesItem Y="15" />