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Hi, since months we were using radProgressBar & radProgressArea without any problem.  
There is no discussion, they are great, but we face some kind of formal issue, related to the information presented by RadProgressArea.

The point is that the prefixes used for presenting data are not standardized.

In first place, as you can see at http://www.telerik.com/products/aspnet-ajax/progress-bar.aspx , values prefixes are used inconsistently: KiloByte/s is represented as "kB" (Kilo prefix is lower case) versus MegaByte/s is represented "MB" (Mega prefix is upper case).

Beyond that, is very difficult to establish if the magnitudes of bytes are really "Kilo" (10^3=1000) and "Mega" (10^6=1000000) or "Kibi" (2^13=1024) and "Mebi" (2^23=1048576). 

This becomes particularly significant when we speak about Gigas or Gibis. 

We know this level of standardization surpass the normal use exigency, but we beg you consider the normalization of this prefixes as established by IEC 80000-13:2008 standard (KiB, MiB, GiB).

Best regards;
Claudio Lacivita