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Your RadTreeList for ASP.NET AJAX is an amazing product but we would love to see more of the grid functionality implemented in it.

Two very notable features from the RadGrid we would like to have in the RadTreeList are the "EnableHeaderContextMenu" so that we can hide and show columns on-demand and also column filtering capability.

Please think about including these in future releases.

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When using LoadOnDemand in a RadTreeList, it would be great to have it automatically expand to a selected item when initially loading on a page.
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Created by: Attila
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Category: TreeList
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We use the TreeList control in our ASP .NET 4, C# application (running on Internet Explorer). 
In a page we have a Repeater of Update Panels. Each Update Panel contains a TreeList. All TreeLists have the same behaviour. They have multiple sorting enabled, and by default they are sorted by 2 columns (Class, ID). When sorting by some other column (Example: State), we adjust the Sorting Expressions from (Class, ID, State) to (State, ID). The sorting icon is not visible on the State column, but we have a simple button with no text on the Class column.