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Currently the only way to define the time interval in which the Notifications show is to set the ShowInterval property which takes the interval in millisecond. But if we need a notification to run on a particular time of day like at 21:47:29, there is no way to set it. And i don't see a work around for it too, other than calculate 24 hours in milliseconds and assuming it to run at that particular time.

It would really help if we can have a notificationRunType = {Interval, Time} which could evoke either the ShowInterval or ShowTime property, so that when notificationRunType="Time" and ShowTime="21:47:29" would set the RadNotifications to run on that particular time.
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Last Updated: 27 Jan 2015 21:00 by ADMIN
Currently RadNotification uses a single 3D set of icons for all skins. Metro styling, however, requires flat icons.

With the current implementation such  visualization can be achieved by putting a custom icon using the ContentIcon and TiteleIcon properties.