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Add role="button" to the anchor tags in RadAlert, RadConfirm, RadPrompt that generate the OK buttons and other buttons on these popups for 508 compliance.  Currently the buttons are being announced as Links (in NVDA).  Workaround is to use a line of JS/Jquery to add the role to the anchor tag.

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I was using a RadWindowManager with PreserveClientState=True for the purpose of maintaining the size of the RadWindow following postbacks to the server (the user was allowed to resize the RadWindow).  I had javascript to adjust the layout of the controls inside of the RadWindow based on the RadWindow size.  

Following a postback, there was no way to know when the RadWindow's size had been adjusted back to the user's setting because there are no events that indicate when the client state has been restored.  I would like to request that you add an OnClientStateRestored event to the RadWindowManager so that we can execute code once the layout of the RadWindow is finalized following a postback.