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Last Updated: 03 Mar 2016 16:07 by Ricard Bertran Vall
I'd like to send JSON (or string) object to RadWindow to be able to populate its content with  this object.
Similar to Value RadNotification property: public string Value { get; set; }

Code snippet below illustrates what I'd like to achieve.

function showWindow(jsonObject) {
    var windowManager = GetRadWindowManager();
    if (windowManager) {
        var window = windowManager.getWindowByName("RadWindow1");

        if (window != null) {
            window.DynamicContent = jsonObject; //Set content

function RadWindow1_Show(sender, args) {
    var jsonObject = sender.DynamicContent;

    if (jsonObject != null) {
        var selector = null;

        selector = 'span[id*="Content"]';
        var domElements = $telerik.$(selector);
        if (domElements != null && domElements.length > 0) {
            var spanId = domElements.attr('id');
            var span = $get(spanId);
            if (span != null)
                span.innerHTML = message;

Pending Review
Last Updated: 09 Sep 2015 00:08 by SUNIL
Created by: SUNIL
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I needed this event because I wanted to implement custom logic at end of animation. I am trying to auto-size the standard dialogs when animation is enabled. Right now, the code library that I submitted for auto-sizing standard dialogs works only if there is no animation. I feel providing an AnimationCompleted event on client-side would provide more power to the developer and finer control on customizing the RadWindow when its animated.