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With Automatic LoadOnDemand, once all items are loaded and IsLoadOnDemandEnabled is set to false, when I scroll till the end the loading indicator keeps flickering on knowing that no more items are called.
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if the swipe content of the cells are buttons, dragging the buttons up and down will keep the swiped cells in the same position of the screen, creating unexpected animations and showing the entire swipe content of the cell.
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When swiping a cell, the swipe content of the cell will be shown if the swipe threshold is reached.  On iOS, the swipe content of another cell can be shown immediately by swiping another cell (which is an expected behaviour).  However on Android, when the user swipes another cell, the swipe content of the other cell isn't shown (while the swipe content of the first cell becomes hidden).  The user has to swipe the other cell again to show the swipe content.
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Activating the ItemHold event of an item in a list view requires holding down an item for a while.  On a physical/virtual Android device and a virtual iOS device, this can be done by holding down the mouse/finger lightly on an item for a short period of time.  However, on a physical iOS device (I am using a physical iPhone 6s to test this), holding down the item lightly with my finger won't activate the ItemHold event, and I have to hold the item really hard on the screen in order to activate it (similar to using 3D Touch / Force Touch, and I cannot reliably activate the ItemHold event possibly because my force is sometimes not hard enough).  I noticed this behaviour on the physical iOS device since the ItemHold event got implemented in early 2018.

I created a simple application to demonstrate the issue.  The app displays an alert when the user taps/holds an item in the list view.  On a physical iOS device, holding down an item in the list view requires the user to press the item very hard on the screen.


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Created by: Nikolay
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This can be reproduced in the SDK examples ->ListView -> Gestures -> CellSwipeEvents. 
1. Change the content of the items so that they have uneven height
2. Scroll down 
3. Delete an item by swiping
-> Expected result : The items re-arrange correctly
-> Actual result : The item is deleted but the ListView is scrolled up when the UI is updated
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When you initiate a swipe gesture and the SwipeContentTemplate is shown,  changing the device orientation from portrait to landscape, does not update the ListView layout and the swiped item width is incorrect.
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Java.Lang.IllegalStateException: The specified child already has a parent. You must call removeView() on the child's parent first.

For example change the IsPullToRefreshEnabled state on button click, when button is pressed several times, exception is throw.
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When using DataTemplates on the ListView for Android, items are constantly redrawn when data shown on the template is updated, this is obvious to the user as it flashes and doesn't look great. Note that the native ListView does not do this.
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When the ListView has more items, it could be vertically scrolled, however, there is no UI for vertical scrollbar on Android.  The same can be observed with RadTreeView control.
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NullReferenceException is thrown when Singleton ViewModel is used
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When LoadOnDemand feature is enabled and you're using LoadOnDemand event to add more items asynchronously, the loading indicator is not shown and it is not clear to the end user that any action is currently processed. 
Last Updated: 05 Jun 2019 11:05 by Stefan
When you try to swipe several items at once by using more than 1 finger - the items are stuck and the space where the ItemSwipe content should be present is left blank. The issue can also be observed if you swipe items very fast. 
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the items are reordered when DelegateFilterDescriptor is used and a property from the business object is changed. 
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When LoadOnDemandMode is set to "Automatic" and LoadOnDemand event is used to load items asynchronously, the event is fired multiple times with a single gesture.
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In a scenario when LoadOnDemandMode is Automatic, SpanCount >1 and ItemLength is large the loading indicator has different size depending on its position in the columns, as it takes up all of the available space. 
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The RadListView control changes its scroll position to the Top of the control when expand/collapse groups or toggling the layout

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When we use the ListViewGridLayout as LayoutDefinition swiping (neither left or right) is working and the user could not swipe to visualize the swipe content.
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ListView throws a System.ObjectDisposedException on iOS when navigating to a page containing the control. The exception is consumed, so it does not crash the app.
Last Updated: 11 Mar 2019 08:39 by ADMIN
Flickering occurs after the RadListView is refreshed. The issue is observed with v 2019.1.116.1 of Telerik UI for Xamarin.
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