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Last Updated: 20 Mar 2019 09:03 by ADMIN
When DayStartTime property is set and the user taps on the first timeslot, the start time inside Create Appointment screen is always 12:00 AM
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Last Updated: 18 Mar 2019 09:44 by ADMIN
If items are loaded on demand and treeview is placed inside StackLayout, when collapsing and expanding items, at some point the rendering is messed up.
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Last Updated: 15 Mar 2019 17:39 by ADMIN
Created by: Kiril Stanoev
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Category: UI for Xamarin
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Add a Map control to the product suite.
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FooterTemplate is not displayed correctly
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Last Updated: 22 Feb 2019 08:55 by ADMIN
Created by: Werner
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Category: Accordion
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provide an option for setting a CornerRadius to RadAccordionItem
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Created by: IanV
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Category: Calendar & Scheduling
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Out of the box, all Calendar views for iOS are in AM/PM

In Android the MultiDay is 24 hour, but the Day view is AM/PM

How can I force Android MultiDay to be AM/PM ?



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Last Updated: 04 Feb 2019 10:15 by ADMIN
When the language of the iOS devices is changed to "Right to Left" the SuggestionView is not shown correctly.