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Hi there,


We're struggeling with the radentry control. For login purposes we use one for the password and one for the email. When we set IsPassword=true this does show dots instead of words, but some basic stuff isn't working.

1) The normal entry with IsPassword=true does also hide the suggestion tab that is above the keyboard. We also tried hiding this with other settings but to no result. This control should also hide suggestions since it is a password and we don't want to cache this in any way.

2) When we replace the radentry password field with a xamarin entry password field (so set IsPassword=true on both) then we also get the password fill option. In this case Samsung keypass. I imagine if people are using autofillers such as samsung, google, or something else, that this should also work since i'm stating the field is a password field.

Tested on android with multiple devices.

Thanks in advance!



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When trying to build the QSF example on GitHub, an error occurs due to The IHiearchyAdapter still being used in :

TreeView - First Look Example and Customizations Example.

The Error Message is Error CS0122: 'IHierarchyAdapter' is inaccessible due to its protection level (CS0122) (QSF)

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In Xamarin Forms.


When I call Calendar.ScrollAppointmentIntoView(theItem); in Android it works fine.


In iOS when the same call is made, the calendar scrolls about 1 pixel, then stops.

I put the call into a timer just to make sure it's there.

      Device.StartTimer(TimeSpan.FromMilliseconds(3000), () =>    

              { Device.BeginInvokeOnMainThread(() => {  Calendar.ScrollAppointmentIntoView(theItem); });             

                 return false; // True = Repeat again, False = Stop the timer