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Release 2019.2.603.360 (R2 2019 minor release)

Value is not applied correctly when StringFormat property is used (N format specifier): For example

 <telerikInput:RadNumericInput StringFormat="{}{0:N0}"


use F format specifier instead of N format specifier
Last Updated: 22 Nov 2018 16:15 by ADMIN
1. If there is "0" and you are trying to add "." (dot) after it - it doesn't allow you to do this (droid and iOS)

2. Start input from "." and you will see cursor before dot, not after it as usually is happening (droid only)

3. Start input ".0" and it changes to "0", if I want to get number e.g. 0.09 (droid and iOS)

Available in minor release 2018.3.1122. It will also be available in the R1 2019 release.
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Created by: Gagik
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Category: NumericInput
Type: Bug Report
Steps to reproduce

1. Run the solution on UWP
2. When main page is loaded tap "Next Page"
3. Put the cursor focus onto the numeric input field
4. Without losing the focus tap back button
5. Application crashes

Available in minor release 2018.2.821. It will also be available in the R3 2018 release.
Last Updated: 21 Jun 2018 13:06 by ADMIN
Samsung numeric keyboards insert minus sign after the second stroke of a multi-functional button. This restricts Samsung end users to directly insert minus in the RadNumericInput because the control reacts on the beforehand entered decimal separator.

We should improve our logic in order to handle this type of input.

Available in the 2018 R2 SP release.
Last Updated: 21 Jun 2018 13:06 by ADMIN
Available in the R2 2018 release.