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Created by: IanV
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Category: Calendar & Scheduling
Type: Bug Report
If you have an appointment with duration 15 min, it is not properly rendered in DayView/MultiDayView on Android - it is visualized as a 30 min appointment
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If items are loaded on demand and treeview is placed inside StackLayout, when collapsing and expanding items, at some point the rendering is messed up.
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Last Updated: 19 Feb 2020 14:04 by ADMIN
When you try to swipe several items at once by using more than 1 finger - the items are stuck and the space where the ItemSwipe content should be present is left blank. The issue can also be observed if you swipe items very fast. 
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As soon the user tries to swipe more than one list item at the same time on iOS, the swiping functionality is not properly handled/
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Since 2020.1.218 the NuGet package for UWP Apps doesn't work, it references files that are not found during build.



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Above the TreeView there is a Telerik.SegmentedControl, with two segments. If I click on one of the segments the ItemsSource of the TreeView gets updated by using .Add() or Remove() of the ObservableCollection.

If every Segment is called for the first time there is no problem. But if I want to clear all Items and display the empty treeView I get the following Exception.
Java.Lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException: 'Inconsistency detected. Invalid item position 0(offset:-1).state:14 md5a5af569a83c1a3f5c3a8a63bd7d39860.RadExtendedListView{c6376f1 VFED..... ........ 0,0-1200,840 #5}, adapter:com.telerik.widget.list.ListViewWrapperAdapter@b30041b,, context:md5db22775bb305bf9756607f4261793d51.MainActivity@1d6cd4f

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