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After I set the DateTime to a specific time and then do clearSelection on it, I can not set the same DateTIme on it. If I set a different DateTime from the original value then it works. Its almost like its ValueChanged Event is not fired or something after ClearSelection is called.

The same issue can be reproduced when using the ClearCommand.

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the CANCEL text wraps to a second line on most of the Android devices. For example Hisense F20 (720 x 1280) and Huawei P9 Lite (1080 x 1920).


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Hi, I checking DateTimePicker control, and I'm not sure if it's bug of feature.

I have picker control bound to nullable DateTime property.
DefaultDisplayDate is bound to DateTime.Now, for help select date in spinner when selectedDate is null.

But in such situation select today date from spinner not change anything, I suppose that date change event not fire.

01.<telerikInput:RadDateTimePicker Grid.Row="7" Grid.Column="1"
02.              x:Name="dtxProdDate"
03.              PlaceholderLabelStyle="{StaticResource PlaceholderLabelStyle}"
04.              DisplayLabelStyle="{StaticResource DisplayLabelStyle}"
05.              TabStripItemStyle="{StaticResource TabStripItemStyle}"
06.              SelectedDate="{Binding TestObj.NullableProdDate}"
07.              DisplayStringFormat="yyyy-MM-dd"
08.              SpinnerFormatString="yyyy-MM-dd"
09.              DefaultDisplayDate="{Binding TodayDate}"
10.              Placeholder="Select date..." />