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Created by: Marc
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Category: ImageEditor
Type: Feature Request

Add a new image cropper control, which allows users to drag/zoom a selected image within a defined frame, so that the resulting image has a defined width and height.   This should offer an experience similar to the Facebook app's screen for adding/updating your profile photo.   The control should display the non-selected area of the photo with configurable opacity settings, and optionally allow for a resulting circular image.

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Created by: Tom
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Category: ImageEditor
Type: Feature Request
The image editor is a great start, but missing a critical feature - image drawing / annotation. The ability to draw lines, shapes or text onto an image. Should allow this to be done when pinch / zoom is in progress. Items drawn should be amendable until saved. Opportunity to retrieve the annotation only data separately to the image so you can preserve the original.
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Currently, the only means to execute actions with the image editor is to use the built-in toolbar. While covering the most basic use cases, this approach limits the usage of the component in some more advanced scenarios. For this reason, it would be beneficial if some of the internals are exposed as a public API, to allow executing actions with the image editor programmatically.

I am opening this topic to collect customer feedback which features need better public exposure. When voting for a feature, please provide some details how do you intend to use it in your application, if possible, so that we can design a more intuitive and easy to use API facade for it.
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Release R3 2019
consider adding a "max height" and "max width" option so that the file sizes are manageable. So in that scenario if we set the max height to 450 then we shouldn't see anything larger than 800x450 in the result.