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Provide an API for changing the SuggestionView position. For example the SuggestionView could be visualized above or under the input control.

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Created by: Narender
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When the control is hosted inside RadPopup, the application crashes. This is due to the fact that nesting popups is not supported.

Consider changing the implementation of the RadAutoCompleteView to use different control for visualizing suggestions and NoResults message.

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Hello Telerik team !

I would like to suggest an improvement which should already be implemented as it may be a common requirement. (notice that I'm aware it's still in beta that's why I suggest a feature request).

Context :
Use a RadAutoCompleteView. Start to type something and select an item from the suggestions.

Current behavior :
The item is well selected but the keyboard remains visible even if you hide the suggestion view.

Expected behavior :
When selecting an item, the keyboard should be collapsed. (I tried to use a KeyboardService injected from platform specific implementation with dependency injection. I manage to make it work on Android but I couldn't find a workaround on iOS).

PS : it would be awesome to have a bindable property on this control which allows us to tell the control "hide the suggestion view and hide the keyboard when an item gets selected (touch input from user)". Name suggested : HideSuggestionAndKeyboardOnItemSelected (I didn't find a shorter name sorry  haha). Type : bool.

Pointing how to achieve that should be in the documentation as most of developpers who will use this control may want to achieve the same behavior. You'll save time and theirs if they don't need to reach you out and open a ticket to ask you how to do that.

Best regards to everyone!

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Created by: Vitaly
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As per forum thread ACV control causes memory leaks on iOS.

Here is the repro project




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Make it possible to set different width to the SuggestionView than the width of the input field.
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Provide an option for determine whether the SuggestionView is open or not.
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Created by: Daniel
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Setting the FontSize property of the AutoCompleteView control to anything larger than 20 badly clips the text of both watermark and selected/written text, at least on iOS. I've tried various "hacks" with increased control heights and/or padding, themes etc, but it doesn't matter, it still clips. 

Seems to work fine using RadEntry for example, so it should really be the same with AutoComplete?

Reproducing is as obvious as setting the FontSize property.

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When the control lost focus and tokens almost fill all the space, the ShowMoreTemplate causes flickering.