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Note : this might be a bug and maybe a fix would be better than a feature request.


I have a rad segmented control which is binded to a collection of 2 items.

The 2 items are well displayed without being cut off because there is a lot of space.

But on loading, the control shows a scrollbar for 1 or 2 sec even if there is enough space. I think the scrollbar is inside the SementedControlItem not the control itself as I can see some space between the two items, as there was 2 items then 2 scrollbars

I havn't tried on iOS, this scenarios occurs on Android.


Suggestion :

Add a property like the scrollView to hide always the scrollbar.

See the attached picture to see it in action.

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Created by: Lance | Team Lead - US DevTools Support
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Type: Feature Request
When there are more items than can be fit in a horizontal space, allow an opt-in feature to allow horizontal scrolling instead of cutting off the labels