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Created by: Byers
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We are only using the Rad ListView, so have only needed the Lite package but it requires the SkiaSharp package as well. It seems that Map, ImageEditor, PdfViewer and DataGrid controls are added in the lite nuget package. 
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Created by: Safan
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Refer to the attached reproducible.

1. Run app and apply a filter: "Contains 0"

2. Notice #40 is in the correct location, between #30 and #50

3. Press the button on the bottom of the page to go BlankPage and then navigate back.

4. Observe #40 is now at the end of the rows even though the filter is clearly applied.

Look in MainPageViewModel.cs lines 42 to 49. When the navigation back occurs, this code is executed.  I can reproduce the problem with both Replace and Add+Remove operations.

public override void OnNavigatedTo(INavigationParameters parameters)

    if (!parameters.ContainsKey("from"))
        var items = new ObservableCollection<MyModel>();
        for (var i = 1; i <= 100; i++)
            items.Add(new MyModel { Number = i.ToString() });
        Items = items;
        var item = Items[39];

        // Bug Test #1 - using ObservableCollection Reset
        Items[39] = item;

        // Bug Test #2 - using ObservableCollection Remove & Add
        //Items.Insert(39, item);

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When I switch from Multi-day view to Day view it doesn't appear to redraw correctly on UWP. I can switch from Month to Day view and it's fine.

The behaviour I'm seeing is that it doesn't hide the multi-day view appointments and then doesn't correctly draw the day view ones. Please see the screen shot attached.
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When using MvvmCross framework to load data when the View appears on the screen the ListView cannot be scrolled. It starts jumping rapidly instead.

Load the data in the constructor of the respective ViewModel instead inside its ViewAppearing() method.
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When Filtering is applied to the RadDataGrid control and PropertyChanged is invoked by the visualized business object, the DataGrid rows are reordered inconsistently on tap
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If items are loaded on demand and treeview is placed inside StackLayout, when collapsing and expanding items, at some point the rendering is messed up.
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FooterTemplate is not displayed correctly
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Created by: IanV
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Xamarin Forms, Newest everything

Out of the box, all Calendar views for iOS are in AM/PM

In Android the MultiDay is 24 hour, but the Day view is AM/PM

How can I force Android MultiDay to be AM/PM ?



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The error message is not showing when the editor is empty and the ValidateAll method is called 
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Numeric and date editors are not aligned identically to the other editors inside the dataform