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Created by: Lynette Anderson
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Category: Expander
Type: Bug Report
We are having trouble getting the RadExpander to respect the Corner Radius property. When using the CornerRadius with the IsClippedToBounds set to true, the header's Background Color still spills over. refer to the attached image.
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Created by: Yash
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Category: ListView
Type: Bug Report

Follow this tutorial https://docs.telerik.com/devtools/xamarin/controls/listview/listview-features-load-on-demand#loading-mode-with-collection 

It works on Android and iOS, but on UWP it is defaulting to Explicit mode and clicking the load button crashes the app.

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Created by: Vitaly
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Category: AutoCompleteView
Type: Bug Report



As per forum thread https://www.telerik.com/forums/autocompleteview-causes-memory-leaks ACV control causes memory leaks on iOS.

Here is the repro project https://github.com/VitalyKnyazev/AutoCompleteViewLeak




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When RadListView is setup to load its items on demand and the LayoutDefinition is GridLayout with SpanCount set to 2 or more, the Footer Template does not take all the width, it expands only to the Width of the first column.

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when showing 3 months (last month, present month and the next month) on calendar component, the next month tab is displayed twice. see the attached video

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The bug can be reproduced on iOS 13 only. It is not reproducible on earlier versions of iOS. Run the attached project on iOS 13 device or Simulator to reproduce it.

Sometimes when focusing an entry and the onscreen keyboard shows up, the ListView is not scrolled correctly, so the entry is overlapped by the keyboard. The ListView layout appears messed up after that and the scrolling does not behave correctly.

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Created by: Prasanth
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Category: TabView
Type: Bug Report

When longer string is used for HeaderText the text could not be wrapped. Also the issue occurs when using Label with LineBreakMode="WordWrap" inside the TabViewHeaderItem.Content:

                <Label Text="Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adttert etertert erterter ipiscing elit." LineBreakMode="WordWrap"/>
        <Label Margin="10" Text="Label" />


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As of the latest release (10/04/2019) RadPieChart with a PieSeries having LabelBinding set to a property name, and ShowLabels set to True, with the list of data bound to ItemsSource containing one or more empty pie slices (a null in the list), causes a System.Reflection.TargetException to be thrown on load of the page containing the chart in iOS (this scenario works fine in UWP).

I am using the latest available Visual Studio 2019 (16.3.5) and the latest available Xamarin.Forms package ( and testing on an iPad with iOS 13.1.  The reason I need to have a null value in the list is so that the custom color palette I'm applying will always apply the same colors to the same data points (pie slices), even though in some cases, zero or one or two of the three pie slices will have no data value (and so should not appear in the chart, but still "use up" the corresponding color in the 3 colors of the palette).

In the 08/02/2019 release, this scenario worked fine in iOS (the 09/13/2019 release had the https://feedback.telerik.com/xamarin/1431067-chart-ios-invalidcastexception-is-thrown-when-the-chart-is-loaded issue, which is now resolved in the 10/04/2019 release, but which prevented my testing in iOS since in my app I had RadCartesianCharts on the same pages as the RadPieCharts).

The newly broken functionality in iOS could possibly be related to two other items that are marked completed:
https://feedback.telerik.com/xamarin/1366403-piechart-tooltip-behavior-is-not-working-properly (in 10/04/2019 release)
https://feedback.telerik.com/xamarin/1365842-chart-null-value-support (in R3 2018 SP release)

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When the series data is updated and axis labels are redrawn, occasionally the default DateTime format is shown in DateTimeContinuousAxis.
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Column names in column selector are not visible in Android the first time the column selector is shown. This happens only in the case UserFilterMode is disabled. 

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Created by: Grant
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Category: Calendar & Scheduling
Type: Bug Report

I've attached a handler to the ViewChanged event of the Calendar component.

The event fires on Android but not on UWP. I've tried changing the view type using the calendar controls and also programatically but the event is not being fired.

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With Automatic LoadOnDemand, once all items are loaded and IsLoadOnDemandEnabled is set to false, when I scroll till the end the loading indicator keeps flickering on knowing that no more items are called.
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Created by: robin
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Category: ConversationalUI
Type: Bug Report

We have implemented chat functionality using Telerik RadChat component. The problem is that the scroll functionality doesn't scroll fully to the bottom on IOS. It randomly stops somewhere in between. The same code runs perfectly on Android. Below I have attached an example code of our solution.

          Author="{Binding Me}"
          ItemsSource="{Binding Items}"
          ItemConverter="{StaticResource SimpleChatItemConverter}" 
          SendMessageCommand="{Binding NewMessageCommand}"
          ItemTemplateSelector="{StaticResource CustomChatItemTemplateSelector}"
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if the swipe content of the cells are buttons, dragging the buttons up and down will keep the swiped cells in the same position of the screen, creating unexpected animations and showing the entire swipe content of the cell.
Last Updated: 08 Oct 2019 10:45 by ADMIN
When swiping a cell, the swipe content of the cell will be shown if the swipe threshold is reached.  On iOS, the swipe content of another cell can be shown immediately by swiping another cell (which is an expected behaviour).  However on Android, when the user swipes another cell, the swipe content of the other cell isn't shown (while the swipe content of the first cell becomes hidden).  The user has to swipe the other cell again to show the swipe content.
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If there is an input control (Editor, Entry) inside the ItemTemplate of the TreeViewDescriptor and its Text is bound to any property of the data item, changing the ItemsSource of the TreeView raises an exception of type AccessViolationException.
Last Updated: 07 Oct 2019 10:08 by ADMIN

Activating the ItemHold event of an item in a list view requires holding down an item for a while.  On a physical/virtual Android device and a virtual iOS device, this can be done by holding down the mouse/finger lightly on an item for a short period of time.  However, on a physical iOS device (I am using a physical iPhone 6s to test this), holding down the item lightly with my finger won't activate the ItemHold event, and I have to hold the item really hard on the screen in order to activate it (similar to using 3D Touch / Force Touch, and I cannot reliably activate the ItemHold event possibly because my force is sometimes not hard enough).  I noticed this behaviour on the physical iOS device since the ItemHold event got implemented in early 2018.

I created a simple application to demonstrate the issue.  The app displays an alert when the user taps/holds an item in the list view.  On a physical iOS device, holding down an item in the list view requires the user to press the item very hard on the screen.


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Created by: Jing
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Category: Calendar & Scheduling
Type: Bug Report
If you set selected date range when the Calendar is loaded, the selection is not visualized.
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When you update the data in the chart so that the vertical axis values are changed - the annotation does not properly update and stays at the same location.

Last Updated: 30 Sep 2019 12:38 by ADMIN
If there are input controls inside the templates, updating a property of any data item though an input control ( such as Entry, NumericInput, etc),  caused the control to lose focus.