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Currently IsCheckedChanged command is raised when the BindingContext of the CheckBox is updated and this is a change in the behavior compared to previous releases.
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Activating the ItemHold event of an item in a list view requires holding down an item for a while.  On a physical/virtual Android device and a virtual iOS device, this can be done by holding down the mouse/finger lightly on an item for a short period of time.  However, on a physical iOS device (I am using a physical iPhone 6s to test this), holding down the item lightly with my finger won't activate the ItemHold event, and I have to hold the item really hard on the screen in order to activate it (similar to using 3D Touch / Force Touch, and I cannot reliably activate the ItemHold event possibly because my force is sometimes not hard enough).  I noticed this behaviour on the physical iOS device since the ItemHold event got implemented in early 2018.

I created a simple application to demonstrate the issue.  The app displays an alert when the user taps/holds an item in the list view.  On a physical iOS device, holding down an item in the list view requires the user to press the item very hard on the screen.


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Created by: Jing
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Category: Calendar & Scheduling
Type: Bug Report
If you set selected date range when the Calendar is loaded, the selection is not visualized.
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When you update the data in the chart so that the vertical axis values are changed - the annotation does not properly update and stays at the same location.

Last Updated: 30 Sep 2019 12:38 by ADMIN
If there are input controls inside the templates, updating a property of any data item though an input control ( such as Entry, NumericInput, etc),  caused the control to lose focus.
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Right now, I use SyncFusion ListView because of several limitations of the RadListView :
- no way to make the ScrollItemIntoView animated. It results with a UI which doesn't look smooth or moden.
- no way to remove the highlight on item tap even if selectionMode is set to none. My users think there is a hidden action made

Am I missing something ? I would like to get rid of SyncFusion and only keep Telerik. But the ListView is by far the control I use the most and I can't really make regression on that part. Because I moved to SyncFusion due to user's feedback that don't like the highlight and that the scroll wasn't smooth and so the app looks like slow / not modern enough.

Do you think those features can be added in the roadmap ?
It would be nice to compete a bit more with the SyncFusion ListView which is very nice to use from a developper point of view. Althought the RadListView is great too. It's just that I'm waiting for improvment since a year.


PS : the documentation is lacking of scrolling / highlight part saying it's not possible or require a custom renderer and then, giving the first steps to create those renderers. I can't be the only one to struggle with this.


Thanks a lot

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When Crop is applied, the control should display the non-selected area of the photo with configurable opacity settings
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Created by: Giovanni Rojas
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Category: DataGrid
Type: Feature Request

when using automatic column generation you don't have easy access to the column being created so that you can apply customizations (Header, style, etc).

Please implement the same event that UI for WPF has, see it here:

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Created by: Ishani
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Category: PdfViewer
Type: Feature Request
The square annotation type displays a square on the page.
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By specification, names are an atomic symbol uniquely defined by a sequence of characters. However, when importing a document with names defined as an empty sequence a handled InvalidCastException is thrown which leads to missing page content.
Last Updated: 02 Oct 2019 10:44 by ADMIN
Provide a solution for Re-positioning of vertical scroll bar on IOS, or hide it at all.
Last Updated: 23 Sep 2019 06:29 by ADMIN
Currently, the only means to execute actions with the image editor is to use the built-in toolbar. While covering the most basic use cases, this approach limits the usage of the component in some more advanced scenarios. For this reason, it would be beneficial if some of the internals are exposed as a public API, to allow executing actions with the image editor programmatically.

I am opening this topic to collect customer feedback which features need better public exposure. When voting for a feature, please provide some details how do you intend to use it in your application, if possible, so that we can design a more intuitive and easy to use API facade for it.
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If you set SelectedDate when the Calendar control is created, does not take any effect in the UI on iOS. 

As a workaround, set SelectedDate at a later stage.

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Created by: Travis
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Category: NumericInput
Type: Bug Report

I have a Xamarin.Forms app, but I only am using it for UWP at the moment. The plan is to have Android and iOS later, but I am having issues with the RadNumericInput (Xamarin.Forms) and how the decimal key is handled.

Here is my XAML

<tkInput:RadNumericInput Grid.Row="4" Grid.Column="1" Value="{Binding Price, Mode=TwoWay}" StringFormat="{}{0:C2}" />

Right now, "Price" will default to 0. The UI will initially show $0.00 because of the StringFormat. That is working fine. When I put focus into the control, I only see 0, that is also fine. The issue is when I try to type a decimal. The value disappears and I see an issue in my Output that says -- Binding: can not be converted to type 'System.Int32'


Example steps:

  • With the value set to 0.00
  • Focus the control -- you will now see just 0
  • Press the decimal key (aka the period key)
  • Notice the error in the Output window in VS and also the control shows nothing at all
  • If you press the decimal key again, you will see two decimals in the control

**** Also, the Version of the Telerik controls I am using is -- 2019.2.603.360. The drop down below doesn't let me choose that version.

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I have tried to change the cell background color programatically .

This is Perfectly Working on Android Devices.

But,this not working on iOS devices.

Please provide better solution to solve this issue.

below i have attached the xmal and .cs file

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Native UWP calendar in DayView/MultiDayView Mode has a property which helps you specify height between the time lines. Please provide this option for Android and iOS too. 
Last Updated: 11 Sep 2019 11:09 by ADMIN
When the DataGridPickerColumn ItemsSource property is bound to a collection not part of the business object used for the DataGrid, and ItemDisplayBindingPath is used, null reference exception is raised when selecting items in the picker.
Last Updated: 05 Sep 2019 08:53 by ADMIN
When you initiate a swipe gesture and the SwipeContentTemplate is shown,  changing the device orientation from portrait to landscape, does not update the ListView layout and the swiped item width is incorrect.
Last Updated: 28 Aug 2019 07:43 by ADMIN

If we have a ListView with a CheckBox inside the ItemTemplate and the whole ListView is placed in a Popup control, following the next steps:

1. Open the popup

2. Check and uncheck the CheckBox control in any of the items.

3. Click into the popup and then outside to close it.

NullReferenceException is raised on iOS.

Last Updated: 19 Aug 2019 09:58 by ADMIN
When display is on high resolution screen (MS surface book screen 3000*2000 with 200% scale) the DataGrid is not resized correctly.  See attachments.