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The default value of the DragDropManager.TouchDragTrigger attached property is not respected. The default value is TapDown, but the touch drag starts on tap hold and move.

Since the 2017 R1 (2017.1.117) release the DragDropManager.TouchDragTrigger property is obsoleted. Use the TouchManager.DragStartTrigger property instead.
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Created by: Steven
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I have developed a UI with features of Drag and drop from RadGridView to RadTreeView, it worked perfectly in old version (2011 Q3), after I upgraded to new version (2014 Q4), I got a warning message for the RadDragAndDropManager because of obsolete and the drag & drop cannot work now. My question is whether I must upgrade RadDragAndDropManager to DragDropManager suggested by some articles, or I still can use the RadDragAndDropManager without affecting the exsiting features. 
Please refer to attachment for details.