Last Updated: 23 Aug 2019 15:00 by ADMIN
Release LIB 2019.2.826 (08/26/2019)

If you click on the collapse/expand button of a group (when the data is grouped) while you add or remove an item from the ItemsSource of RadTimeline, all items disappear.

To work this around set the AnimationManager.AnimationSelector attached property on all TimelineItemGroupControl elements to null. You can do this using an implicit style.

    <Style TargetType="telerik:TimelineItemGroupControl">
        <Setter Property="telerik:AnimationManager.AnimationSelector" Value="{x:Null}" />


Last Updated: 26 Nov 2014 14:44 by ADMIN
The theme is not propagated to the TimelineStripLineControls when it is set on the timeline control with StyleManager. Which leads to the color of every second strip line using the default color for the Office_Black theme
Last Updated: 04 Feb 2016 13:45 by ADMIN
The theme foreground is not applied on the group header when the theme is applied with StyleManager

For example: The foreground for the Expression_Dark theme should be #FFDDDDDD, but instead it is #FF000000
Last Updated: 29 Oct 2020 10:32 by ADMIN
Release R3 2020 SP1
WeakListener objects are retained in memory when the view is refreshed. 
Last Updated: 29 Oct 2020 09:56 by ADMIN
Release R3 2020 SP
When the models populating the ItemsSource of the RadTimeLine implement the INotifyPropertyChanged interface, TimeLineDataItem objects are retained in memory.