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Release R1 2020 SP1

Here is an example exception: Types 'Telerik.Windows.Diagrams.Core.SelectionMode' and 'System.Windows.Controls.SelectionMode' both use the XML type name, 'SelectionMode', from namespace ''. Use XML attributes to specify a unique XML name and/or namespace for the type.

As a workaround, you can exclude the property with the repeating name as demonstrated in Example 4 in the following article: Serialization Options

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RadRichTextBox (RTB) is used in MainWindow and no other controls are used.

Saving the RTB with PersistenceFramework results in endless loop of saving RTB dialogs and its template parts.

This results in StackoverflowException.


Option 1 for workaround

<telerik:RadRichTextBox x:Name="rtb" >
                    <telerik:PropertyNameMetadata Condition="Except" Expression="Dialog" SearchType="PropertyName" />


Option 2 for workaround

            PersistenceManager manager = new PersistenceManager();
            manager.PropertyPersisting += (o, ea)=>
                if (!string.IsNullOrEmpty(ea.Name))
                    if (ea.Name.Contains("Dialog"))
                        ea.Cancel = true;

            IsolatedStorageProvider isoProvider = new IsolatedStorageProvider(manager);            

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PersistenceFramework does not persist property of type byte[] in CustomPropertyProvider scenario.

Use List<byte> as a workaround if applicable.
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Does not save correctly \r\n entries. When we load the stored date only "\n" is returned and the \r is lost.
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Will be available in Q3 2015 Release.
Won't Fix
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The Expression property of the PropertyNameMetadata is used as a base for a Regex that is run against the property names of the object that is being serialized. Therefore, you should consider it a regex expression and set its value as in the following example:
- to match only the property "Width" - use the expression "^\b(Width)\b$", without the quotes.
- to match the "Width", "MinWidth" and "MaxWidth" - use the expression "Width", without the quotes.
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A first chance exception of type System.IO.FileNotFoundException is thrown by the IsolatedStoragetProvider when calling its SaveToStorage() method. 

Note: the exception does not prevent the manager from saving the UI. To see the error you will need to enable the CLR exceptions from the Visual Studio's Debug-->Exceptions menu

Available in LIB version: 2015.1.1805
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The XmlSerializer constructor generates a new assembly every time you save your layout and this causes performance and memory issues. 
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Add SaveToStorage method to the IsolatedStorageProvider that takes as parameters a list of the StorageIds to be saved.