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When the user inputs digits in the RadMaskedNumericInput and then inputs some Spaces, the Value property is not changed although the UpdateValueEvent="PropertyChanged". It is only changed when the focus is lost.
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Category: MaskedInput
Type: Bug Report
Select text in the RadMaskedTextInput then Ctrl + X cuts the text but Ctrl + V does not paste it.

Steps to reproduce:
1) Type 12345. Select 345.
2) Ctr + X.
3) Ctrl + V won't do anything. (345 is not pasted) the result is - "_______________"). 
Expected result is: "345". This  should replace the whole text with the copied one. SelectionStart is not changed after paste.

Notes:  This bug is only for the scenario Cut + Paste in the MaskedTextInput with Mask. 
Pasting in No-Masked MaskedTextInput (Mask="") should work much like pasting in normal TextBox (in the same scenario the result should be "12345"). 
Last Updated: 01 Apr 2014 12:25 by ADMIN
Pressing ClearButton of the RadMaskedDateTimeInput will place the caret on the last position.

It must place the caret on the first position. 
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