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Release R1 2020

Recently OpenStreetMap changed their tile usage policy and require UserAgent string in the web headers for accessing tiles.

As a result, standard open street map mode does not work - no tiles are loaded and "too many requests" error is returned from the server.

RadMap's OpenStreetMapProvider needs API (event, property or similar) for easier set up of UserAgent / Referer / other headers of web requests.

Currently, the workaround is to override the OpenStreetMapProvider like so:

    public class CustomOpenStreetProvider : OpenStreetMapProvider
        public CustomOpenStreetProvider()
            OpenStreetMapnikSource osmMapInkSource = this.MapSources.Values.ToList()[0] as OpenStreetMapnikSource;
            if (osmMapInkSource != null)
                osmMapInkSource.WebHeaders.Add(System.Net.HttpRequestHeader.UserAgent, "your custom user agent string");
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Release LIB 2020.1.210 (2/10/2020)
The start point of the MoveAnimation(Top and Left) is not calculated correctly.
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Release LIB 2020.1.210 (02/10/2020)

When the MEF catalog of RadRichTextBox is predefined, the PasteOptionsPopup is not automatically loaded and causes NullReferenceException in the presenter when the users press Ctrl or Esc.

Workaround: Add typeof(PasteOptionsPopup) to the catalog.

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Release LIB 2020.1.210 (2/10/2020)

If you populate the RadChat control using its DataSource and then bind the CurrentAuthor property, the message from the current author don't use the correct color. This reproduces only if the CurrentAuthor binding is set after the DataSource binding.

Note that the title says that this happens when using the DataSource, but you can reproduce it also if simply add a message from an author different than the current one, and then change the CurrentAuthor to the one used for the message.

To resolve this change the order of the property bindings. The first one should be CurrentAuthor and then DataSource.
<telerik:RadChat CurrentAuthor="{Binding MyCurrentAuthor}" DataSource="{Binding MyMessageSource}" />

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The stroke is not rendered when the text is in XForm
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Release LIB 2020.1.210 (02/10/2020)
The Height property of the RadTaskBoardItem is not respected when setting to a different value thus preventing us to have items with different height.
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Release LIB 2020.1.210 (2/10/2020)

Regardless of the current culture applied, the date shown on top of a group of message uses InvariantCulture (English). In comparison the time break date is formatted according to the culture.

This comes from a bug in WPF.

To work this around, override the Language property metadata of FrameworkElement.

      new FrameworkPropertyMetadata(

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Release LIB 2020.1.210 (2/10/2020)

This bug is related to the text shown on top of the message groups. The text shows the time + the author's name. For example: "12:30PM,John Doe". 

Add a space between the time and the author's name. It should be "12:30PM, John Doe", instead of "12:30PM,John Doe".

To work this around, add a space before the author's name when you create the Author instance.

this.Chat.AddMessage(new TextMessage(new Author(" John Doe"), "Hi", DateTime.Now.AddDays(-3)));

Or extract the ControlTemplate of MessageGroup and add a Margin to the TextBlock element that shows the Author's name.


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Release LIB 2020.1.210 (02/10/2020)

The ItemsControl that holds the control panel of RadGridView should not be included in the tab order. Its IsTabStop property should be False. Only the items inside of it should be included in the tab order.

To work this around, use the ChildrenOfType extension method to get the ItemsControl and set its IsTabStop property. Optionally, you can exclude also the ControlPanelItemControl elements from the tab order.

private void gridView_Loaded(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)
	var controlPanel = this.gridView.ChildrenOfType<ItemsControl>().FirstOrDefault(x => x.Name == "PART_ControlPanelItemsControl");
	controlPanel.IsTabStop = false;

Last Updated: 05 Feb 2020 15:06 by ADMIN
In some cases the string values in the XML attributes are not colored with the expected color, but default to black.
This was reproduced when there is only single quotation mark on visible on the line. And also if the count of the visible quotation marks on the line is an odd number (not always reproducible). 

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DataContext of rows is sometimes null when UI virtualization is enabled in the Flat group render mode.
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Release LIB 2020.1.210 (2/10/2020)
Created by: Martin Ivanov
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Category: UI for WPF
Type: Bug Report

Most commonly the exception message is "Input file or data stream does not conform to the expected file format specification".

This appears because of the glyphs font used in the different controls.

To work this around you can use two approaches:

  • Update to Windows 7 SP2.

  • The second option is to download the UI for WPF source code, find the TelerikWebUI.ttf file and convert it to .otf using a third party tool (like FontForge for example). Then use a reflection to replace the font file, before the application startup. For example:
    var dictionary = typeof(RadGlyph).GetField("registeredTypefaces", BindingFlags.NonPublic | BindingFlags.Static)?.GetValue(null) as Dictionary<string, Typeface>;
    RadGlyph.RegisterFont(new FontFamily(new Uri("pack://application:,,,/WpfApp3;component/TelerikFont/", UriKind.RelativeOrAbsolute), "./#TelerikWebUI"), "TelerikWebUI");
    In the code snippet, "WpfApp3" is the assembly name of your project, and "TelerikFont" is a folder in your project, containing the converted font file. You can call this code in the OnStartup override of App.xaml.cs. Or before the InitializeComponent() call in the main window's constructor.
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Release LIB 2020.1.210 (2/10/2020)

If you update the Location of a map shape data object (for example, EllipseData, PolygonData, ect.) at run-time, while the clustering feature is enabled, the shape disappears.

To work this around, reset the clustering via the IsClusteringEnabled property when the Location changes.

this.ellipseShapeData = new Location(newLatitude, newLongitude);
this.visualizationLayer.ClusteringEnabled = false;
this.visualizationLayer.ClusteringEnabled = true;


Last Updated: 04 Feb 2020 18:36 by ADMIN

The document styles are not respected because of wrongly imported custom style name after copy-paste from MS Word and exported to HTML.

Workaround: avoid using styles with braces in their name.

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Dear Telerik Team,

We are facing an issue in MaskedCurrencyInput when using Chinese keyboard. MaskedCurrencyInput control is showing numbers along with other characters that are not numeric. 
In case of typing alphabets, MaskedCurrencyInput is showing suggestion box of chinese characters and also showing alphabetic characters on input area.

This is working fine in English keyboards but in chinese keyboard Chinese Suggestion box and chinese characters are appearing which should not. 

Steps to Reproduce:
1- Use MaskedCurrencyInput of Telerik in XAML WPF.
2- Type alphabets e.g. abcd in MaskedCurrencyInput field box. Chinese Suggestion would appear.

Chinese Suggestion box and chinese characters should not appear. Kindly let me know if it would be resolved or any work around to stop this chinese suggestion box to be opened.

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when using the flent theme,the RadDocking's left auto hide area and the top  auto hide area can't resize size ,
at the same time,when resize the right auto hide area towards the bigger,don't show the resize bar!
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The used cell range is expanded when styles to all columns are applied and one copies an entire row.


private void RadSpreadsheet_WorkbookChanged(object sender, EventArgs e)
    var range = this.radSpreadsheet.Workbook.ActiveWorksheet.UsedCellRange;
    this.radSpreadsheet.ActiveWorksheet.Columns[range.ColumnCount + 1, SpreadsheetDefaultValues.ColumnCount - 1].Clear(ClearType.All);

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Release LIB 2020.1.210 (2/10/2020)
Last Updated: 03 Feb 2020 14:04 by ADMIN
Release LIB 2020.1.210 (02/10/2020)
There is a bug overriding the method ProvideCommandsForKey(Key key) in DefaultKeyboardCommandProvider.
When pressing F10, the received key is Key.System.

Last Updated: 03 Feb 2020 14:03 by ADMIN
Release LIB 2020.1.203 (02/03/2020)

SearchStateManager property is null when trying to change any of the properties of the SearchStateManager object in the Loaded event. This behavior is observed when the ShowSearchPanel property is not set to true initially.