Last Updated: 03 Jul 2017 07:31 by ADMIN
When SelectionEnd is equal to PeriodEnd, and PeriodEnd is at midnight (00:00:00), then selection title shows incorrect selection end.

To reproduce consider the following xaml:
    <telerik:RadTimeBar PeriodStart="1-Jan-2010 12:00:00 AM" 
                        PeriodEnd="31-Dec-2011 00:00:00 AM"
                        SelectionStart="1-Jan-2010 12:00:00 AM" 
                        SelectionEnd="31-Dec-2011 00:00:00 AM"
                        SelectionTitleFormatString="{}{0} - {1}"

PeriodEnd == SelectionEnd == 31-Dec-2011 00:00:00 AM, but title is: "01/01/2010 00:00:00 - 30/12/2011 23:59:59"

As in our app we display date with "dd MMM yyyy" format, the displayed selection end differs by one day from the real one, which is a serious issue.

Last Updated: 11 Aug 2016 14:05 by ADMIN
The selection element does not always show the correct range in MVVM scenarios, in which the view model validates the range. The problem is only present in WPF.