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The used cell range is expanded when styles to all columns are applied and one copies an entire row.


private void RadSpreadsheet_WorkbookChanged(object sender, EventArgs e)
    var range = this.radSpreadsheet.Workbook.ActiveWorksheet.UsedCellRange;
    this.radSpreadsheet.ActiveWorksheet.Columns[range.ColumnCount + 1, SpreadsheetDefaultValues.ColumnCount - 1].Clear(ClearType.All);

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To reproduce: 

- Select some cells within the same column using Ctrl+Click

- Use the context menu to copy the cells

This works in Excel when the cells are within the same column. 

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 Exception when exporting document that contains links with an empty address.


private void Button_Click_1(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)
    foreach (SpreadsheetHyperlink item in this.radSpreadsheet.Workbook.ActiveWorksheet.Hyperlinks.ToList())
        if (string.IsNullOrEmpty(item.HyperlinkInfo.Address))


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To reproduce; 

- Set the language to Korean

- Type "r" in one of the cells

- Use the AutoFill functionality

At this point, FatalExecutionEngineError occurs (see attached).  

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The style name "+-" is a valid one, but the StyleGallery crashes because it tries to set the name as a value of a cell and it is not a valid cell value.
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Print Preview's "Fit All Columns on One page" does not fit columns on one page.
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At the moment the print settings set to the WorksheetPageSetup class are not passed to the Print dialog which leads to bad user experience. If you set the print settings of the RadSpreadsheet like so:

WorksheetPageSetup pageSetup = this.radSpreadsheet.Workbook.ActiveWorksheet.WorksheetPageSetup;
pageSetup.PageOrientation = PageOrientation.Landscape;

and then select Print, the Spreadsheet print menu will show the print preview as landscape. However, when after that you click on Print for the default print dialog to appear and then click Preferences, you will notice that the preference is set to Portrait. The print job will be Landscape, but the incorrect information in the default dialog creates confusion.

This is an example of how to set the preference of the default dialog:

PrintDialog printDialog = new PrintDialog();
var printTicket = printDialog.PrintTicket;
printTicket.PageOrientation = System.Printing.PageOrientation.Landscape;
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Applying a Number number format in a cell and then entering fractional number values like 1.2/2 results in cell value equal to 37258 if it is formatted as a date it will be 1/2/2002.
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When entering values in the cells fast some of the values are skipped.
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The SheetSelectorTabItem background is not properly applied and the text is not readable. This is easily noticeable in themes with a dark color palette. 
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Currently, when the user is editing a cell and saves the document without leaving the edit mode first, the current value is not preserved in the saved document.
When pressing the File -> Save button in the ribbon, the Save dialog doesn't appear at all.
Workaround: Manually commit the change before saving. This workaround will also respect data validation:
var layer = ((NormalWorksheetEditorPresenter)radSpreadsheet.ActiveWorksheetEditor.ActivePresenter).UILayers.GetByName(WorksheetPredefinedUILayers.CellInput);
CellInputUILayer cellInputUILayer = (CellInputUILayer)layer;
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When a user setups a page and chooses to customize the Header's Odd and Even pages, the tab headers become clipped.
Last Updated: 08 Jan 2019 19:24 by ADMIN
Some of the RadSpreadsheet child controls do not apply the new theme, but stay with office black applied when theme is set on control level.
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At the moment when any of the properties are changed, e.g. the frozen panes, the UI is not notified and you have to export and import the file in order for the UI to pick them up. 

Workaround: There are several workarounds:

1. Change the active worksheet and return to the old one

2. Export and import the document

3. Change the workbook of the RadSpreadsheet to a new one, and return the old one after that
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We should provide an easier API allowing the customers to remove the key bindings or change the commands that they trigger.

Workaround: There is attached a sample showing how all the commands triggered by the key bindings can be disabled.
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If plain text is pasted in a cell, and the text is automatically recognizable as date, number, percentage, formula or other format, the text is always converted to the recognized number format.

Instead, the cell's current number format should affect the convertion in the following way:
- If the current format is General -> parse the value with the automatically recognized format, and set the value with the automatically recognized format
- If the current format is Text -> set the value as text, and preserve the current format (Text)
- If the current format is any other format -> try parse the value with the current format
  - Successful -> set the parsed value with the current format
  - Unsuccessful -> parse the value with the automatically recognized format, and set the parsed value with the current format.

As a result, strings which are recognizable as dates, for example, are pasted as their numeric representation instead of with their Date formatting. Also it's not possible to paste something as plain text. 

Workaround: for always pasting plain text: Create custom Paste button and executes the following code:
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When setting the following strings as cell value, they are recognized as dates. In industry standard applications like MS Excel and OpenOffice, they are recognized as strings:
- "12 3456" in bg-BG, fr-FR, ru-RU, sv-FI, en-US
- "12.3456" in de-DE
- "1 23" in en-US
- "2013/5" in en-US
- "3000-03" in en-US
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When RadSpreadsheet is placed inside a data template and the Workbook property is bound, the binding fails. 

In the Convert() method of the debug converter, the proper value is set. However, an empty workbook is displayed in the view.
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The overlapping of SelectionFill and SelectionStroke geometries may be seen in the attached screenshot. This scenario may be reproduced with the following RadSpreadsheet instance:

<telerik:RadSpreadsheet SelectionStroke="Red" SelectionStrokeThickness="10" FillHandleSelectionStroke="Green" SelectionFill="#550000FF" />
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The visualization and scrolling of documents containing many merged cells (e.g. 1000) is very slow. The control becomes almost unusable when the number increases.
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