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This Style is not applied when Windows8 Theme is set for the GridView (only) - it works if an ApplicationTheme is set. 
<telerik:RadGridView  telerik:StyleManager.Theme="Windows8" Name="clubsGrid" .../>

<Style TargetType="telerik:GroupHeaderRow" telerik:StyleManager.BasedOn="Windows8">

<Setter Property="ShowGroupHeaderColumnAggregates" Value="True" />

<Setter Property="Background" Value="Red"/>

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Created by: Paul
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Type: Feature Request
Enable multiple rows to be edited in a RadGridView at once.

We currently do this based on creating multiple row selection and editing the last selected cell and then applying the value (if valid to do so) across the selection.
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Add a bindable property to RadGridView which would allow the selection to be manipulated in MVVM scenarios.
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1) I created a 5 X 5 table.
2) Then I selected second column.
3) Then I applied Right Align to the selected column.
4)Then I Right clicked on the last row and selected Insert > Insert row below
5) It inserted the row with all cells left aligned.

The cells should adapt the alignment of the column they are in.
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ViewRow's background is not correctly colored when RadGridView is within RadBusyIndicator and it is busy. There is no problem if your are using GridViewLoadingIndicator.
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1. Set RadGridView's setting DragElementAction="ExtendedSelect". 
2. Open a window on selecting a row.
3. Close the window, the RadGridView becomes ExtendedSelect.

Note: Most probably this problem is actually caused by a limitation in the Silverlight platform. Once a Window is shown, there is no way to detect that the mouse is released.
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Created by: JIYOUNG
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Type: Feature Request
Hello Telerik Team! 

I made Exporting functions for my radgridview.
If I set ExcelML (Exportformat), I can not see my radgridview's group header row in excel file. 
but If I set HTML format, I can see that.
I already follow this sample:
but It couldn't help me.

How can I see group header row in ExcelML Format? 
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Created by: Daniel
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Category: GridView
Type: Bug Report
Hello Telerik  Team!

Are there any new informations concerning the below BUG?
(UniqueName-Property is causing binding errors) 
Is this fixed in one of the current versions? What are proper workarounds?

Identical Problem for Sylverlight:

Regards Daniel
(DevCraft Customer)
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