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Map with ItemsSource bound to collection is hosted in RadPane . By closing the pane or by using LoadLayout() of RadPane - NulReferenceException is thrown.

Available in LIB version: 2015.1.1603
Last Updated: 20 Jan 2015 14:42 by ADMIN
When using MapArcSementView , setting SweepDirection="ClockWise" does not work. The arc is always CounterClockWise.
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Created by: Andrey
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Type: Feature Request
Currently only Mercator projection is supported. We should add support for other projections. Shape file reader should be able process .prj file and setup correspondent projection to the EmptyProvider. The Bing and OpenStreet map providers show map using Mercator projection, so they can't use any other projections to show map shapes (KML or ESRI).
Last Updated: 16 Apr 2014 08:35 by ADMIN
When the selection is started on map control then it can be cancelled using the Escape key.
Last Updated: 25 Feb 2014 06:36 by Alex
When the PathData contains Arc segment which looks as vertical half-circle then it is not displayed in VisualizationLayer.

Last Updated: 29 Jan 2014 14:47 by ADMIN
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