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When you change series datapoints and then play ChartRevealAnimation the following InvalidOperationException might occur:

 Cannot call the ClockController.SkipToFill method for a Clock that has a Duration or RepeatDuration of Forever, because this Clock will never reach its fill period.
You can try calling PlayAnimation in Dispatcher:

  Dispatcher.BeginInvoke(new Action(() =>

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When a document is imported (for example from XAML) and then exported to DOCX or RTF, the fields lose their formatting. The issue is not observed if the document is just created.
Workaround: Change the fields display mode of all fields in headers/footers just before the export:
private void UpdateHeadersFooters(RadDocument document)
    foreach (Section section in document.Sections)
        if (section.Headers.Default.Body != null)
        if (section.Headers.First.Body != null)
        if (section.Headers.Even.Body != null)
        if (section.Footers.Default.Body != null)
        if (section.Footers.First.Body != null)
        if (section.Footers.Even.Body != null)
private void UpdateFields(RadDocument radDocument)
    RadDocumentEditor editor = new RadDocumentEditor(radDocument);
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When using the Fluent theme and the NoXaml binaries the above mentioned design time exception is thrown.
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When a PDF document contains images compressed with CCITTFaxDecode with applied BlackIs1 parameter, black color is visualized as white and white as black.
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TextSearch navigation in the Main Pane does not work. If you press letter "a" the first folder with Name starting with "a" should be selected.
This needs to work in alll layouts including Details which uses RadGridView.
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The RadListBox has an attached property for mvvm binding of SelectedItems -


Please support SelectedItemsSource for RadComboxBox too.

In Development
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Created by: Janice
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Category: UI for WPF
Type: Feature Request
Enable clients to set custom HelpText for the controls from the suite.
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This behavior is reproducible when the SelectionUnit property of the RadGridView is set to "FullRow".
SelectedCells collection is not of the selected row updated when new columns are added runtime. For example, you have selected the first row which has 3 cells. Then you add 2 new columns. Now the row has 5 cells but the selected cells collection still have 3.

A possible workaround which can be used is to reset the SelectedItem property of the RadGridView.

var selectedItem = testGrid.SelectedItem;
testGrid.SelectedItem = null;
this.testGrid.Columns.Add(new GridViewDataColumn() { Header = "Value3", DataMemberBinding = new Binding("Value3"), Width = 100 });
this.testGrid.Columns.Add(CreateColumn("Value4", "Value4"));
testGrid.SelectedItem = selectedItem;
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Created by: Marco
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Having Problems with unreadable Tabs in RadPaneGroup: TabsSqueeze.png

I think I found a Solution with OverflowMode and ScrollViewer:

<telerik:RadPaneGroup x:Name="DocumentGroup" ScrollViewer.HorizontalScrollBarVisibility="Auto" OverflowMode="Scroll">


After Loading Layout the OverflowMode is not respected anymore.

I found this ticket in Silverlight, what discribes the Problem and is approved: Docking: I would like OverflowMode to work for all RadPaneGroup in xaml/codebehind and this be persisted through SaveLayout/LoadLayout

And i found this documentation, which say, using OverflowMode can lead to unexpected behaviors:

so i report this as a feature instead of a bug.

Please sea atteched an example project:
Usage: Save and than Load the Layout -> Scrolling of tabs break

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If you set the SelectionMode of the control to Multiple the SelectionChanged event fires only when you select item for the first item. Each next selection won't fire the event.

To work this around use to CollectionChanged event of the SelectedItems collection of RadMultiColumnComboBox.
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For some fonts the issue is present. Some of them are:



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Hello Telerik,

Exception is thrown after typing in the autocompletebox and selecting an item right after that. 

  Message=Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation.
   at System.RuntimeMethodHandle.InvokeMethod(Object target, Object[] arguments, Signature sig, Boolean constructor)
   at System.Reflection.RuntimeMethodInfo.UnsafeInvokeInternal(Object obj, Object[] parameters, Object[] arguments)
   at System.Delegate.DynamicInvokeImpl(Object[] args)
   at System.Windows.RoutedEventArgs.InvokeEventHandler(Delegate genericHandler, Object genericTarget)
   at System.Windows.RoutedEventArgs.InvokeHandler(Delegate handler, Object target)
   at System.Windows.RoutedEventHandlerInfo.InvokeHandler(Object target, RoutedEventArgs routedEventArgs)
   at System.Windows.EventRoute.InvokeHandlersImpl(Object source, RoutedEventArgs args, Boolean reRaised)
   at System.Windows.UIElement.RaiseEventImpl(DependencyObject sender, RoutedEventArgs args)
   at System.Windows.UIElement.RaiseEvent(RoutedEventArgs e)
   at Telerik.Windows.Controls.GridView.GridViewDataControl.RaiseSelectionChangedEvent(SelectionChangeEventArgs args)
   at Telerik.Windows.Controls.DataControl.RaiseSelectionChangedEvent(ItemSelectionChange selectionChange)
   at Telerik.Windows.Controls.DataControl.Telerik.Windows.Data.Selection.ISelectorInternal.RaiseSelectionChangedEvent(ItemSelectionChange selectionChange)
   at Telerik.Windows.Data.Selection.ItemSelectionHandler.EndAllowedSelection(ItemSelectionChange selectionChange)
   at Telerik.Windows.Data.Selection.ItemSelectionHandler.EndPendingSelection(ItemSelectionChange pendingSelection)
   at Telerik.Windows.Data.Selection.ItemSelectionHandler.EndSelection()
   at Telerik.Windows.Data.Selection.ItemSelectionHandler.SelectedItems_CollectionChanged(Object sender, 

Thanks in advance.


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Created by: Hans
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Category: MultiColumnComboBox
Type: Feature Request
Expose a property to enable styling of the drop down element of MultiColumnComboBox. It the default scenario this is RadGridView.

Currently, an implicit style targeting RadGridView can be used instead.
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Currently, caret continues to blink even when typing or navigation is in progress (e.g. arrow key is pressed and held), which is inconvenient for the end users. Instead, the caret should stop blinking during these operations, similarly to industry standard apps like MS Word and OpenOffice.
Last Updated: 15 Feb 2019 10:32 by Srikanth
Provide built-in support for returning to the previous open folder using Backspace keyboard button.
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The event should fire when the DropDownContentManager gets initialized.

To work this around use the InitializeSelectionBridge event. The DropDownContentManager is initialized when this event fires.

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Resizing images always position the image at the cell where the image has been inserted. Flipping image also results in a wrong behavior.
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  • Create new WPFApplication.
  • Add a RadPdfViewer to the main window
<Window x:Class="YourProject.MainWindow"
        Title="MainWindow" Height="450" Width="800">
        <telerik:RadPdfViewer x:Name="pdfViewer"/> 
  • Open the pdf file
    public partial class MainWindow: Window
        public MainWindow()

        protected override void OnInitialized(EventArgs e)
            using(Stream stream = new FileStream(@"radExport.pdf",FileMode.Open,FileAccess.Read)){
                pdfViewer.Document = new PdfFormatProvider(stream).Import();