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Created by: Dilip
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Category: UI for WPF
Type: Feature Request

Hi Team,

I am looking for Sketch UI kit for WPF. I am unable to post the request on Blogs, can you redirect me to get the details and kit.




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When you set the Palette property to a new instance of ChartPalette in XAML, a NullReferenceException is thrown. This happens when you click inside the chart control in the Visual Studio designer.

The exception reproduces only if the "Miscellaneous" category in the "Properties" pane of Visual Studio is expanded.

To work this around, set the Palette property in code:


public MainWindow()
    this.chart.Palette = (ChartPalette)this.Resources("cpBarChart");

Sub New()
    Me.chart.Palette = DirectCast(Me.Resources("cpBarChart"), ChartPalette)
End Sub



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Release LIB 2019.2.722 (7/22/2019)
When typing in RadComboBox, the first character will stay English letter, then Chinese symbols will be shown.
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Release LIB 2019.2.722 (7/22/2019)

To reproduce this use the following code snippet:

    <telerik:RadDiagramShape Content="Shape 1" Position="100, 100"/>
    <telerik:RadDiagramShape Content="Shape 2" UseGlidingConnector="True" Position="300, 100"/>

Steps to reproduce:

1. Start a new connection from Shape 1, by dragging one of its connectors.
2. Drag the connection over Shape 2. 

Expected: The connector closest to the mouse should get highlighted and when you drop the connection it should get attached to the shape.
Actual: The closest connector is not highlighted. Also, when you drop the connection over the target shape it doesn't get attached.

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Created by: Tino
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Category: MultiColumnComboBox
Type: Feature Request
Add option to hide row indicator in grid.
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Release LIB 2019.2.722 (22/7/2019)
A black screen and disabled camera buttons are present if the control is setup by Initialize method using the following code:

var devices = RadWebCam.GetVideoCaptureDevices();
var formats = RadWebCam.GetVideoFormats(devices[0]);[0], formats[0]); 
Last Updated: 17 Jul 2019 15:00 by ADMIN
Release LIB 2019.2.722 (7/22/2019)

This is reproducible when you disable the automation peers by setting the AutomationManager.AutomationMode static property to Disabled.

It happens when you open a new RadWindow dialog (using the ShowDialog method), and the close it. After this, when you interact with the main window (click a button, hover a GridView, etc.) the exception occurs.

The exception is thrown only in the Output pane of Visual Studio and it doesn't cause any harm to the application. You can safely ignore it.

The exception message is "Invalid window handle".

To work this around you can enable the "Enable Just My Code" option in Visual Studio.

Last Updated: 17 Jul 2019 11:31 by ADMIN

Select an item with mouse, scroll thousands of items down and then shift select item to perform range selection. This will block the UI thread for seconds. 

Last Updated: 16 Jul 2019 13:46 by ADMIN
Release LIB 2019.2.722 (7/22/2019)
This behavior is also reproduced in RadFileDialogs in the FileBrowserListBox which inherits RadListBox.

As a workaround you can set the IsScrollIntoViewEnabled property of the RadListBox to false
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Release LIB 2019.2722 (7/22/2019)
Created by: Dinko
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Category: Window
Type: Bug Report

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Release LIB 2019.2.715 (7/15/2019)
Moving a window fast on low performance machine or between two monitors causes incorrect offset to be applied to the mouse cursor
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Created by: Michel
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Category: PDFViewer
Type: Feature Request
An implementation of JPXDecoder should be created to allow the decompression of data encoded using the wavelet-based JPEG2000 standard.

Guidelines of how to provide a custom implementation of the JPXDecode filter can be found in the Customize Rendering section of the documentation and a sample implementation can be found in the SDK examples.
Last Updated: 15 Jul 2019 13:29 by ADMIN

Multi-byte Unicode characters can be represented as multiple ANSI characters in the form \'xx, for example:
\'89\'ce can represent the character 火 if multi-byte encoding should be used. Using multi-byte encoding could be set explicitly using the \ucN tag, or implicitly using the \fcharset for the current font (e.g. \fcharset134 is double-byte).

When such text is imported (commonly CJK text [Chinese, Korean, Japanese] the characters are imported incorrectly (as two '?' or as two different characters for each character)

Such RTF documents are produced from Office 2010 (Word, Outlook), WordPad - on saving or on copying content from the applications.

Last Updated: 11 Jul 2019 14:48 by ADMIN
Release LIB 2019.2.715 (7/15/2019)
Add a IconTemplateSelector property for the RadNavigationViewItem. This will allow more flexible content choosing.
Last Updated: 11 Jul 2019 14:39 by ADMIN
Created by: Jeffrey
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Category: ExpressionEditor
Type: Feature Request
Allow the string representation of editors to be customized e.g. change the NotEqual operator from "<>" to "!=".
In Development
Last Updated: 11 Jul 2019 10:49 by ADMIN
The ImagesDeflaterCompressionLevel and ContentsDeflaterCompressionLevel in the PdfFormatProvider's export settings have 0 for default value instead of -1.

Workaround: Change the settings's properties to -1 explicitly.
Won't Fix
Last Updated: 10 Jul 2019 15:52 by ADMIN
Exporting documents that contain PNG images SMask and ImagesDeflaterCompressionLevel is set to a non-default value may produce a document in which those images are not processed correctly by Adobe reader.
Won't Fix
Last Updated: 10 Jul 2019 15:49 by ADMIN
On export to HTML tab stops are converted to non-breaking spaces (&nbsp;). Sometimes the width of the all nbsp-s becomes different than the width of the tab stop. When document which contains grid-like data is exported to HTML its columns are not aligned.
Last Updated: 10 Jul 2019 08:41 by ADMIN
Release LIB 2019.2.715 (07/15/2019)
The exception is thrown while typing and is with message "Value cannot be null. Parameter name: insertIMETextCommandContext". 
Last Updated: 10 Jul 2019 07:16 by ADMIN

The RadWindow's size shrinks while dragging it on a monitor with high DPI scale which causes it to shake a bit. In other words, the dragging is not smooth.

This was reproduced on a monitor with DPI scale set to 175%.
This is reproducible if you set the RadWindowInteropHelper.AllowTransparency on the RadWindow control (regardless of the value - True or False).
This is more noticeable in .NetCore projects.