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The stroke property of the PaletteEntry is not respected.
Last Updated: 22 Jul 2019 08:16 by ADMIN

When you set the Palette property to a new instance of ChartPalette in XAML, a NullReferenceException is thrown. This happens when you click inside the chart control in the Visual Studio designer.

The exception reproduces only if the "Miscellaneous" category in the "Properties" pane of Visual Studio is expanded.

To work this around, set the Palette property in code:


public MainWindow()
    this.chart.Palette = (ChartPalette)this.Resources("cpBarChart");

Sub New()
    Me.chart.Palette = DirectCast(Me.Resources("cpBarChart"), ChartPalette)
End Sub



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Created by: Martin Ivanov
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Category: ChartView
Type: Feature Request
Currently, the PanZoomBar is not themed across the themes. Consider improving this by applying different colors to the Thumbs based on the applied theme.
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Release LIB 2019.1.415 (04/15/2019)
The ToolTip behavior respect how the series are added to the chart. Setting ZIndex property to reorder them will not be respected by the ToolTip.
Last Updated: 21 Mar 2019 16:09 by ADMIN
You can observe the difference between the ChartView and an Excel Chart with the same data in the attached pictures.
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When you change series datapoints and then play ChartRevealAnimation the following InvalidOperationException might occur:

 Cannot call the ClockController.SkipToFill method for a Clock that has a Duration or RepeatDuration of Forever, because this Clock will never reach its fill period.
You can try calling PlayAnimation in Dispatcher:

  Dispatcher.BeginInvoke(new Action(() =>

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If you define the chart in a new window and open it from the app main window, and then close the window, the chart stays in memory. This is reproducible only in a data binding scenario - the ItemsSource of the chart series should be set to a ObservableCollection<T>. 

Additionally, the collection bound to the ItemsSource of the series should be still alive. For example, it can be defined in the view model of the main window that opens the window with the chart.

To resolve this you will need to set the ItemsSource of all chart series in the window to null.

Scheduled for:
The fix for this issue will be available with LIB (version 2019.1.204) scheduled for publishing on Monday, 4th February 2019.
Last Updated: 29 Jan 2019 12:47 by Maciej
Currently, the control relies on its IsLoaded property to determine if it should render its items (axes, data points, annotations, etc.). However, if you measure and arrange the control in code without adding it into the visual tree, the IsLoaded property is not set to True, therefore the chart is not rendered and the image gets empty.

Original description

Title: RadCartesianChart incorrecly rendered

We're rendering (Telerik) charts in code behind, to include them in a dynamic documentation.

For most controls it works fine - using standard methods (rendering control with System.Windows.Media.Imaging.RenderTargetBitmap and saving the result BitmapSource to disk)

However, it's impossible with RadCartesianChart with CategoricalSeriesDescriptor or ChartSeriesDescriptor. What we are able to get are axes and descriptions, but not bars.

I'm attaching an example - MainWindow displays a chart. I try to also create the chart in code behind. 
In CreateAndSaveChart() method I create a chart with a DataContext, then I call Measure and Arrange methods on it. At this stage the control should be properly initialized and ready to render. (For simplicity I omit rendering control with RenderTargetBitmap - you can preview the control with WPF Tree Visualizer, which will give you the same result). Well, if you preview the control at this stage, you'll see that the chart is missing bars. 
Next I create a new Window with my chart as a content, and display it for a while. Now the chart is fully and correctly rendered. As a workaround we display some Telerik chart in a transparent window to fully render, but such a workaround was reported not to work for some clients and is unacceptable in a long run. With most of Telerik charts we don't have such problems.

Other issue:
- for other Telerik charts we need to wait a few seconds to have it fully rendered. It's be better to have an event informing that the control is ready. 

I'll be happy to add more details if you need any.

* While experimenting with the example I've suddenly managed to render the chart with bars, but this time the rendered size was incorrect (very small)
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If two or more data points from the same series have the same X value - it should be possible to show information for all of these data points in the track ball.

This feature is available with our latest official version - R1 2019.
Last Updated: 19 Oct 2018 13:57 by ADMIN
When you try to set the LabelDefinition property in style it is not applied.

As a workaround you can create an attached property to which you can apply the custom definition and set it to the LabelDefinition property of the annotation in its OnPropertyChangedCallback.
Last Updated: 19 Oct 2018 10:45 by ADMIN
If the annotation and its label are out of the viewport (the plot area) and then use the PanZoomBar to scroll to it, the label is not displayed. It appears after the chart layout is updated (ex: resize or zoom).
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Created by: Giuseppe
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Type: Feature Request
Add support for ScatterBar series type i.e. bar series that is plotted against linear / logarithmic axis.
Last Updated: 04 Jul 2018 10:21 by ADMIN
      How can I hide the point in the lineSeries with the large data,and then zoom in by mousewheel,the point can be show in the lineSeries,when zoom out again,the point can be hide.
     Because with large data in a view,if show the point, the lineSeries's performance is poor,and the details area is not necessary,only when zoom in,we hope to show the point.
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Created by: Barnaby
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Category: ChartView
Type: Feature Request
Create 2-dimensional contour plot from unstructured 3-dimensional data.  Means the points are randomly arranged in the XY plane.

Attached file shows an example of what I would like to achieve.  I think the contour plot Telerik does currently requires a structured grid, i.e. full grid of NxM points.
Last Updated: 26 Jun 2018 14:18 by Dinko
Created by: Dinko
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Created by: Martin Ivanov
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On a desktop device the tooltip is shown when the mouse enters the data point's visual element. On touch device the tooltip should be displayed when you tap (or tap and hold) on the visual element. Currently, this doesn't work. 

To work this around you can implement custom tooltip behavior using RadToolTip and TouchManager.
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