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When you first insert a table, and try to grab the right border and resize it, the result is that the inner cells resize, while the total width of the table remains the same. If you move the inner borders a bit and then try again to resize the whole table, it will work.
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Created by: Stefan
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Category: RichTextBox
Type: Feature Request
In MS Word, there is an option to show gridlines over the pages of the document. Implement such an option in RadRichTextBox as well.
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When the first table row of each table (main as well as nested) has RepeatOnEveryPage set, the table header of the nested table overlaps the row on the new page.
Last Updated: 31 Jan 2019 16:51 by ADMIN
Implement support for exact table row height option. By using this option the text should be clipped when the table row height is lower than the height needed for the text to render. 
The current implementation supports only the at least option.
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If you insert a picture in a RichTextBox in web layout mode and stretch it to exceed the boundaries of the control (set a smaller size to make it more convenient), a horizontal scrollbar will appear. If you do the same, but with the picture in a table, the scrollbar will not appear.
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Currently, the whole document is kept in memory. In some cases, this creates too much of a memory footprint (even exceeding the usable ~1.2 GB of a .NET process) and causes an OutOfMemoryException. For example, a document with around 2000 pages will fail on import. 

Optimize how style properties are used. Default style properties could be shared among all elements of the same type who does not have any local values.
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The issue is related to specific steps and is a regression released in R3 2018.

Steps to reproduce:
1. Run RadRichTextBox and insert "test" at the beginning of the document.
2. Move the caret after the 'e'
3. Press Shift+Enter to insert a line break

Observed: NullReferenceException is thrown and the UI becomes unresponsive.
Expected: The break should be successfully inserted in the content
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When a DOCX document contains a table with fixed layout, and the table contains <tblGrid> element with improper widths (not coinciding with the ones visualized by MS Word), and such document is imported, the table is laid out with the width of the sum of the column widths imported from the table grid (tblGrid), instead of ones that could be correctly computed by the preferred width of the table cells. 

MS Word, for example, may ignore the widths specified in the tblGrid and compute new ones.

As a side effect, fixed-width tables can be laid out longer than their preferred width.
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When the MoveToDocumentElementStart is called with parameter that is PermissionRangeStart and then is called a second time, the position moves to the previous position instead.
Last Updated: 15 Jan 2019 13:42 by ADMIN

When the user copy-pastes an image from Outlook, it is pasted as an IncludePictureField and visualized as expected. The field code looks like


However, when the fields in the document are updated, the image is no longer shown because of its invalid Uri. In MS Word, when you paste the image, it is directly inserted as image and the field is skipped.

Workaround - remove the field start/ends (in the attachments)

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After merging a document into another one (or pasting it), some of the content is duplicated. The issue is a regression in R3 2018.
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Created by: Nitin
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Category: RichTextBox
Type: Feature Request
Currently, span elements can only have highlight color and paragraphs can have a background(shading). In MS Word it is possible to apply a background to spans. The import of such a document removes the formatting.
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Page field in header (or footer) of document created with mail merge is always evaluated to 1, instead of the number of the current page.

Possible workaround (attached):

- Do mail merges one by one
- Set header/footers anew to contain PAGE fields in each document
- Set FirstPageNumber = 1 to each first section in each document
- Merge with RadDocumentMerger
Last Updated: 03 Jan 2019 14:57 by Michael
The content of the table cells seems to be rendered in the correct position while the borders are drawn above the continues section break.
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Created by: Petya
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Category: RichTextBox
Type: Feature Request
Importing a document containing <pre> should interpret it as paragraph with specific (preformatted) style applied.
Last Updated: 13 Dec 2018 13:30 by ADMIN
The customers need to additionally process the elements after inserting them into the document or just change the caret position relative to the inserted element. At this point, the methods only insert elements without returning the concrete instance or copy the element passed as a parameter, if such overload is available (editor.InsertTable(table) clones the table and inserts a different instance in the document).
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When the document is protected, RadRichTextBox.CommandExecuting is not raised when the user double clicks the header or footer area.
Last Updated: 12 Dec 2018 09:44 by ADMIN
The text-decoration-line CSS property is not imported because of wrong name definition in the parsing logic of HtmlFormatProvider.

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First Scenario: During layout of specific documents where the first section is with Continuous section break type, the layout algorithm enters in an infinite loop causing the application to hang.

Workaround: Change the section break type for the first section after the import of the document and before the layout:
document.Sections.First.PreviousSectionBreakType = SectionBreakType.NextPage;

Second Scenario: During the layout of specific documents where the last section is with Continuous section break type and has specific page size width and height, the layout algorithm enters in an infinite loop causing the application to hang.

Workaround 2: Slightly modify the size of the section which causes the issue after the import of the document and before the layout:
Size pagesize = radDocument.Sections.Last.PageSize;
radDocument.Sections.Last.PageSize = new Size(pagesize.Width - 0.001, pagesize.Height - 0.001);

Last Updated: 05 Dec 2018 18:57 by ADMIN
According to the RTF Specification, each bookmark start should have a matching bookmark end. However, when opening a document which contains bookmark start without bookmark end, MS Word treats the start position for an end as well and successfully opens the document. When such document is being imported in RadRichTextBox, an InvalidCastException is thrown.