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The compass is misplaced on the second monitor when launching *.exe on monitors with higher DPI. The tool window also is not positioned correctly. 

  <application xmlns="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:asm.v3">
      <dpiAwareness xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/SMI/2016/WindowsSettings">PerMonitor</dpiAwareness>
      <dpiAware xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/SMI/2005/WindowsSettings">true</dpiAware>
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When using a display with scaling setting to more than 100%, floating pane docking does not work as intended. When dragging a pane out of a PaneGroup, and without releasing it, you drop it on top of another tab (so it is inserted into that position in the PaneGroup), nothing happens (window stays floating in that position). If you drag the already floating window on top of the same tab, then the default behavior happens and the pane is docked into the group. This behavior is reproducible on the Telerik UI for WPF Demo app.

See attached video for reproduction case in Demo app.


Technical Details:

For the failing scenario DragDelta on the ToolWindow is being triggered with wrongly scaled mouse position. On second drag drop operation, DragDelta receives properly scaled mouse position.

Failure case mouse positions:

DRAG START {864,128.8}
DRAG DELTA {871.2,142.4}
DRAG DELTA {864.8,114.4}
DRAG END {1081,143}

Second case mouse positions:

DRAG START {862.4,116}
DRAG DELTA {873.6,160.8}
DRAG DELTA {860.8,112}
DRAG END {860.8,112}
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Possible work-around of this problem:

private void RadDocking_ElementLoaded ( object sender, LayoutSerializationEventArgs e )
     if ( e.AffectedElement is RadPaneGroup )
         var PaneGroup = e.AffectedElement as RadPaneGroup;
         var Panes = PaneGroup.EnumeratePanes().ToList();
         var SelectedIndex = PaneGroup.SelectedIndex;

         for ( int Index = 0; Index < Panes.Count; Index++ )
             if ( ( Panes[ Index ].IsHidden || !Panes[ Index ].IsPinned ) && Index <= SelectedIndex )

         PaneGroup.SelectedIndex = SelectedIndex;
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This issue is replicable in a setup which has two monitors and wit different DPI.
If a docking window is resized to a width over both monitors, when the window is more than a half on the monitor with lower DPI, it is not possible to dock it.
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A memory leak related to the automation peers of the RadPane and RadPaneGroup appears when you close a pane (using its Close button) even if you call its RemoveFromParent() method.

To work this around disable the automation peers. To do so please set the static AutomationManager.AutomationMode property toAutomationMode.Disabled.
public MainWindow()
    AutomationManager.AutomationMode = AutomationMode.Disabled;

The issue originates from ItemsControlAutomationPeer. It is reported to Microsoft in their old connect portal here =>

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A possible workaround has been demonstrated in the attached project.
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The the keyboard focus is also lost if you undock a RadPane from its docked state.
As a workaround you can persist the focus as shown in the RestoreFocusOnStateChanged SDK example, that can be found here:
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When the control contains RadPane instances which Content is provided by a MAF framework that content experiences flickers and disappearing when the RadPane is being floated, docked, pinned or unpinned.
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On Deferred mode, you can still undock panes (for example, but context menu).
The problem starts when you want to dock them back, When moving a pane above the compass, it hides the compass (And this problem is a PITA when you docking with the inner compass (rather than the root compass), since the left,top, center etc.. arrows are near to each other (so you are not 100% sure you hit the right arrow).

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This happens in particular scenario after saving/loading the layout.
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With three split containers in one other and no document host resizing between the first and second containers causes the first and third containers to resize, instead of the first and second containers.
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1. Create an app using RadDocking. The 'First Look' demo of RadDock can be modified to reproduce the problem.
2. Modify one of the panes, replace the TextBlock control with a TextBox control. Bind the text of the TextBox control to a string property.
3. Add the string property to the .cs file and in the setter, Show a MessageBox.
4. Run app. Select tab with Textbox control and modify the value.
5. Now select the other tab. the messagebox will be displayed. Notice it can be dismissed via keyboard but not via mouse click. It cannot be moved via mouse either.
6. Select a window outside of the application and not select the message box. Notice Mouse input now works. MessageBox can be moved and dismissed via mouse.
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If the IsContentPreserved of a PaneGroup is SET to true and a RadTabControl is placed inside a Pane the focus is moved through its content.
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Resizing a RadPane's splitter while its Header's or Content's ContextMenu is opened leads to incorrect resize
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