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When an invalid cell is scrolled out of the viewport, the corresponding row becomes valid.
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When all columns are readonly, the NewRowPosition is Bottom, a new row is added through the UI and the Tab key is pressed, an InvalidOperationException is thrown.

As a workaround, you can call the CommitEdit method inside a Dispatcher with a low priority in the AddingNewDataItem event:
private void Grid_AddingNewDataItem(object sender, Telerik.Windows.Controls.GridView.GridViewAddingNewEventArgs e)
            Dispatcher.BeginInvoke(new Action(() =>
            }), DispatcherPriority.ApplicationIdle);
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The GridViewMultiColumnComboBoxColumn of RadGridView allows you to enter the edit mode of the corresponding cells even when the IsReadOnly property of the column is set to True. 

This is also reproducible when RadGridView.IsReadOnly property is set to True

This is reproducible only when the SelectionMode is set to Multiple.

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Created by: Ivan Ivanov
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Unhandled exception System.InvalidOperationException: The calling thread cannot access this object because a different thread owns it.
   at System.Windows.Threading.Dispatcher.VerifyAccess()
   at System.Windows.DependencyObject.GetValue(DependencyProperty dp)
   at Telerik.Windows.Data.SortDescriptorBase.get_SortDirection()
   at Telerik.Windows.Data.Expressions.SortDescriptorCollectionExpressionBuilder.Sort()
   at Telerik.Windows.Data.QueryableExtensions.Sort(IQueryable source, IEnumerable`1 sortDescriptors)
   at Telerik.Windows.Data.QueryableExtensions.Sort(IQueryable source, SortDescriptorCollection sortDescriptors)
. . .
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When there are 1000 (reproduce with 500) distinct values in the Popup filter and we try to select all of them it took 15 seconds and more when using ICustomPropertyProvider.
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Created by: Dimitrina
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As a user I would like to have Unfocused state for selected GridViewCells when SelectionMode="Cell". 
Similar to the Unfocused state for selected GridViewRows (you can check this article as a reference: http://​
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When navigating through the cells with the left/right arrow keys, when the last column is reached normally the focus stays on that cell. However, when there are invisible columns on the left/right of the last visible one, the focus moves away from the grid.

As a workaround you can handle the PreviewKeyDown event of the RadGridView when the CurrentColumn is the last visible one.
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Setting GridViewCell content template by Style is not working with R1 2019. 
Won't fix
Last Updated: 22 Feb 2019 15:56 by ADMIN

The fix for this issue will be available with the next LIB (version 2018.3.1224) expected on Monday, December 24.
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My requirement is to give certain rows in the GridView a background color that is read from the database (so it's not a fixed list of colors). I use the RowStyle with a binding to the Background property. When the bound property is null, I fall back on the Transparent color.

This transparent background in combination with a GridViewComboBoxColumn sometimes causes rows to "stick" to the top or bottom of the grid. To simulate this, a ComboBox in the grid must be opened, then you need to scroll up or down until the field is outside the viewport. In some cases, the row sticks to the top or the bottom. After inspecting the Visual Tree, it appears that the row is still part of the Visual Tree, even though it is outside the viewport. I have attached a video and a sample project where you can see and test this behavior.
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DataTriggers set in the CellTemplate of a GridView column are not respected.

A possible workaround is to use Style Triggers instead.

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Last Updated: 18 Feb 2019 11:12 by ADMIN
This behavior is reproducible when the SelectionUnit property of the RadGridView is set to "FullRow".
SelectedCells collection is not of the selected row updated when new columns are added runtime. For example, you have selected the first row which has 3 cells. Then you add 2 new columns. Now the row has 5 cells but the selected cells collection still have 3.

A possible workaround which can be used is to reset the SelectedItem property of the RadGridView.

var selectedItem = testGrid.SelectedItem;
testGrid.SelectedItem = null;
this.testGrid.Columns.Add(new GridViewDataColumn() { Header = "Value3", DataMemberBinding = new Binding("Value3"), Width = 100 });
this.testGrid.Columns.Add(CreateColumn("Value4", "Value4"));
testGrid.SelectedItem = selectedItem;
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When the ItemsSource of the RadGridView is reset, disctinct values remain checked in the Filtering Popup. 

For a workaround, check the attached project. 

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Created by: Dinko
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This behavior is observed when Office2013 theme is applied. 
Last Updated: 08 Feb 2019 08:54 by ADMIN
This happens in the following scenarios:

1. The FilterMemberPath points to the Date property of a DateTime one.
2. The column name contains "[]" square brackets.
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Characters are lost when pressing multiple keyboard keys in quick succession.
Last Updated: 31 Jan 2019 14:24 by ADMIN

To reproduce this:

  1. Set the ShowToolTipOnTrimmedText property of RadGridView to True.
  2. Hover a cell with trimmed text.
  3. Before the tooltip shows, move the mouse quickly, outside of the RadGridView control.
  4. Regardless of the fact that the mouse cursor is outside of the RadGridView control, the tooltip showing is not canceled and it shows after a second.

To resolve this, set the ShowToolTipOnTrimmedText of the gridview columns instead of the RadGridView control.
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