Last Updated: 09 Sep 2019 08:35 by ADMIN
It would be great if there is an easy way to add some custom content after the tab items. Currently, this functionality can be achieved by modifying the template.
Last Updated: 08 Aug 2019 08:22 by ADMIN
Release LIB 2019.2.812 (08/12/2019)

TabbedWindow with 2 tabs, each tab has Frame which almost fully covers the content.

Step 1) Drag drop a tab to the visible content. 2) Then bring it back to the first window with drag drop. Step 1 is now impossible - no window is created after drag out of tab strip and drop onto the content.

Possible workaround: Set AllowDrop to True to the control (in this case frame) in the content of the RadTabItems.

Last Updated: 14 Jun 2019 15:23 by ADMIN
Release R2 2019 SP
Click and move a control which is hosted in the Content of the RadTabItem starts dragging of the tab which is unexpected.