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If the DataSource property is set before the MessageConverter property an ArgumentException is thrown.  The error message is "Item cannot be converted to MessageBase".

To work this around, make sure that the MessageConverter property is set (and evaluated) before DataSource.

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Currently, the MessageGroup uses a default string format of 't'. Allow setting a different format. For example, the RadChat control can expose a new CreationDateFormat property.
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Created by: Benjamin
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It would be great to be able to tag an author with @.

The idea is to provide an authors list like in skype :

The authors list could be setted with binding from ViewModel by example. Message could have a tagged authors list too in order to easily send a notification to all tagged users from ViewModel.



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Currently, when the user opens the chat screen, the app gets the messages and scrolls to the bottom by default. The user wants to get more messages from the server as he/her scrolls up.