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One way to work around this is to set the plot mode of the axis to OnTicksPadded. 
Last Updated: 04 Jan 2017 07:34 by ADMIN
MovingAverageIndicator doesn't recalculate its data points when a new item is added in its ItemsSource at runtime

To update the data points of the indicator reset its Period property when a new item is added in the ItemsSource. For example:

// add new item
var indicator = chart.Indicators[0] as MovingAverageIndicator;
var period = indicator.Period;
indicator.Period = 0;
indicator.Period = period;
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The exception is reproducible when the chart contains series with RenderOptions=Direct2DRenderOptions.

The error message is:

HRESULT: [0x8876086A], Module: [SharpDX.Direct3D9], ApiCode: [D3DERR_NOTAVAILABLE/NotAvailable], Message: Unknown
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