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The EI keyword defines an operator for ending the image data. When the stream contains the same sequence, the parser treats that as an end of the image data. As a result, the image and the following content cannot be properly parsed and there is missing content when the document is visualized.
Last Updated: 28 Jun 2019 11:22 by ADMIN
By specification, the InteractiveForm fields can have the same name if they are descendants of a common ancestor. Such fields are different representations of the same underlying field; they should differ only in properties that specify their visual appearance. When such a document is imported an ArgumentException: 'An item with the same key has already been added.' is thrown, which leads to non-editable fields in RadPdfViewer.
Last Updated: 24 Jul 2019 17:38 by ADMIN
The CIDFont dictionary may contain an array, describing the widths of the glyphs. If the width has a negative value an ArgumentException: 'Width and Height must be non-negative.', is thrown when the document is imported in RadPdfViewer, which leads to application crash.
Last Updated: 25 Jul 2019 07:16 by ADMIN

When importing a document with empty pages collection an ArgumentNullException: 'Value cannot be null.
Parameter name: page', is thrown, which leads to application crash.

Workaround: Import the document using the PdfProcessing library and add an empty page:

PdfFormatProvider pdfProcessingFormatProvider = new PdfFormatProvider();
RadFixedDocument document = pdfProcessingFormatProvider.Import(stream);
if (document.Pages.Count == 0)


Last Updated: 07 Aug 2019 10:23 by ADMIN
Loading document containing link with no destination leads to ArgumentNullException in PdfElementToFixedElementTranslator.CreateDestination method.
Last Updated: 05 Sep 2019 12:53 by ADMIN
The character is visualized as '3'. The same issue is also reproducible when the content is copied from Adobe.
Last Updated: 04 Dec 2019 19:51 by ADMIN
WPF controls are used to visualize the form fields in PdfViewer. However, these controls inherit the background defined in the PdfViewer's theme instead of a background of the form field control. This leads to wrong visualization mostly in the dark themes as the content inside the form field might get unreadable.
Last Updated: 15 Jan 2020 14:50 by ADMIN
Document with invalid cross-reference stream is not loaded correctly
Last Updated: 03 Feb 2020 10:42 by ADMIN

To reproduce:

- Search for a specific word until the last occurrence is found and a message appears. 

- Click the FindPrevious button

Result: A message appears.

Expected: The previous entry is selected. 

Last Updated: 06 Feb 2020 13:45 by ADMIN
The stroke is not rendered when the text is in XForm
Last Updated: 14 Feb 2020 11:08 by ADMIN
Release R1 2020 SP1
Created by: Dimitar
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Category: PDFViewer
Type: Bug Report

Use the attached project to reproduce. 


var combo = toolbar.ChildrenOfType<PercentComboBox>().FirstOrDefault();

var binding = new System.Windows.Data.Binding();
binding.Path = new System.Windows.PropertyPath("ScaleFactor");
binding.Mode = System.Windows.Data.BindingMode.TwoWay;
binding.Source = pdfViewer;
binding.UpdateSourceTrigger = System.Windows.Data.UpdateSourceTrigger.PropertyChanged;
BindingOperations.SetBinding(combo, PercentComboBox.ValueProperty, binding);

var binding1 = new System.Windows.Data.Binding();
binding1.Source = pdfViewer;
BindingOperations.SetBinding(combo, PercentComboBox.RadPdfViewerProperty, binding);

Last Updated: 24 Feb 2020 11:00 by ADMIN
Release LIB 2020.1.224 (02/24/2020)
When importing the document as DocumentSource the stream will be loaded asynchronously and the document won't be loaded when the Print() method is called, NullReferenceException is thrown.
Last Updated: 19 Feb 2019 13:40 by ADMIN
When using the Fluent theme and the NoXaml binaries the above mentioned design time exception is thrown.
Last Updated: 08 Feb 2019 13:50 by ADMIN
Created by: Frank
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Category: PDFViewer
Type: Bug Report
The current page changes too late, almost when the whole page is out of the view. This behavior is wrong making the page number showing the previous page when actually a new one is in the view. It should change when the second page visible height is higher than the current page visible height.
Last Updated: 01 Oct 2019 13:27 by ADMIN
Release 2019.3.1007 (10/07/2019)
When RadPdfViewer is created on UI thread different than the Application main thread, an InvalidOperationException: 'The calling thread cannot access this object because a different thread owns it.' is thrown when calling the Copy method.
Last Updated: 04 Jun 2019 18:26 by ADMIN
The offset of the CropBox is not respected and is always treated as 0.

Workaround: Import the document with PdfProcessing, change the CropBox offsets of the pages to 0, export the modified document and then import it in PdfViewer.
Last Updated: 18 May 2018 14:17 by Georgi
When ScaleMode is set to FitToPage scrolling the Mousewheel or pressing the Arrow Down button does not produce immediate scroll. The page is scrolled to the next page after several scroll events/button presses are introduced.

Workaround: Provide custom ScrollCommand implementation.
Last Updated: 14 Jun 2018 14:45 by ADMIN
The width values from the widths PDF property should be taken with priority compared to the font file calculations.

Fix available in R2 2018 SP1 release version.
Last Updated: 01 Jun 2018 12:54 by ADMIN
The issue is reproducible only on Windows XP. On newer versions of windows, the images are rendered as expected.

WORKAROUND: You may inherit DctDecode class in order to implement custom decoder. For instance, you may try calling DecodeWithJpegDecoder method from the base class as mentioned in the note of this documentation article:


A sample implementation of these custom decoder may be seen below:

public class CustomDctDecode : DctDecode
    public override byte[] Decode(PdfObject decodedObject, byte[] inputData, DecodeParameters parms)
        return DecodeWithJpegDecoder(inputData);
Last Updated: 10 Jan 2018 11:59 by ADMIN
This exception seems to be caused because the stream is not decrypted correctly and the stream data is corrupted. For instance when the stream is with FlateDecode filter the exception is InvalidDataException with message "Unknown compression method".