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MapPath shape doesn't support data binding on the level of the MapPathFigure and MapPathSegment in WPF.
This feature is implemented in the new visualization engine -Visualization layer and the bindable wrappers - PathView, PathVigureView, PathSegementView , etc.
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Map: DataTemplate is not applied correctly. On second click /zoom in/zoom out the items appear.
The issue is not reproducible with Visualization Layer.
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When the custom map provider supports levels range other than 1 to 20 then it could affect to tiles downloading performance.
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BirdsEye view doesn't work after trying to look at an area which does not contain birds eye imagery data

Steps for reproducing:
1. Zoom into area with no birds eye view imagery data. Enable Birds eye view. Verify that no tiles are loaded.
2. Change back to Road view, navigate to an area where you know there is bird's eye view imagery.
3. Zoom into the area. Enable Bird's Eye view a second time: The tiles are not loaded.
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Polyline object in VisualizationLayer is not updated if you clear its Points collection.

The expected behavior is that the Polyline is not visible on the Map.

As a workaround,  you can remove the PolylineData directly from the Layer.

Last Updated: 03 May 2019 16:50 by ADMIN
When you have two providers - BingMapProvider and custom TiledProvider - and the map source of the second provider (the custom one) is changed, the updated provider is drawn under the provider defined before it in the Providers collection (the BingMapProvider).

To work this around you can call the BingMapProvider's SetMapSource() method after the source of the custom provider is changed.

// set the custom provider source
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Width / Height of the MapEllipseView are bound to doubles from ViewModel.

Runtime change to 0 does not hide / remove the Ellipse from the Map.

This is a bug in the MapShapeBindableWrapper's Geometry update code. 

The workaround is to use the Visibility of the MapEllipseView in order to hide it.

Other workaround could be using FrameworkElements (Ellipse, Polyline, Rectangle) instead of BindableWrappers (MapEllipseView, MapPolylinerView, MapRectangleView).
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MiniMapWidth and MiniMapHeight have default values 250 and 200. If you use different values, for example 250 and 250, panning the RadMap can result in jumping the minimap - unexpected zoom in/out. This is easier to observe with MiniMap, outside RadMap. 

Playing with Width / Height of the MiniMap might workaround the issue.
Last Updated: 17 Jan 2017 16:10 by ADMIN
An OutOfMemmoryException is thrown under the following conditions:
1. The map displays its data using the VisualizationLayer populated with MapShapeData object.
2. The zoom level is changed to Neighborhood using the Zoom button from the map's navigation.
3. The zoom button is hovered

Note: The MapShapeData should be visible when the zoom is applied

The exception is not reproducible if the project's Platform is set to x64.

Since Q1 2016, the BitMapCaching of RadMap is turned off by default and the issue is not reproducible unless you turn the caching on.

Possible Workarounds:

 - the exception is not reproducible if the project's Platform is set to x64

-  double check that UseBitMapCahe property of the Visualizationlayer is set to False. When False, the issue is not reproducible.
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Concurreny issue - exception in PathGeometryData.GetScreeenGeometry() when the geometry is updated runtime.

Custom MapGeometryView which updates its GeometryData runtime. This leads to cocncurrency issue in VisualizationLayer and its shape processcing code. This leads to Exception in GetScreenGemetry() method of PathGeometryData.
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Map has 2 providers initially - BingMapProvider and Custom Provider A. Runtime we remove A and add B - other custom provider. As a result - the image from bingmapprovider (world continents) is not displayed. As a workaround, users need to clear all providers and then Add BingMapProvider then add provider B.
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Created by: Petar Mladenov
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In the KML file , Locations are separated witch commas instead of whitespaces , for example:


The RadMap produces "Input string is in icorrect format" exception. However, other tools read the kml file successfully.
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Created by: Dilyan Traykov
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The issue is reproduced mainly, when animated items are brought out of the viewport and then reenter the viewport.  
Last Updated: 19 Nov 2018 16:02 by ADMIN

OpenStreetMap provider uses OpenStreetMapSources which have MaxZoomLevel 18.

When Wraparound of the Map is True and you move (with SetView or ZoomLevel + Center properties) the map to zoomlevel > 18 , no tiles are loaded.

Last Updated: 27 Dec 2016 13:07 by ADMIN
Clusters may not be updated if users expand or collapse them while zooming animation is not finished.
Last Updated: 27 Dec 2016 13:17 by ADMIN
InformationLayer.GetBestView(...)) method produces incorrect results when working on MapPinPoint items that are part of the information layer.

Please note that this issue is not reproducible with Visualization Layer.
Last Updated: 07 Dec 2017 12:09 by ADMIN
RadMap with Wraparound = True. Custom TiledProvider with custom TileSource is used.

GetCachedTile is overridden to get the cached tiles in the local file system.

When zooming , endless invocation of GetCachedTile method is performed which leads to increasing of CPU usage.
Last Updated: 15 Mar 2018 10:16 by ADMIN
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