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When you place a DataTrigger whithin a CellTemplate, it is being ignored by RadGridView for WPF

Workaround ( until fixed ) - set the ContentTemplate of the cell via Style in a static resource instead.
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Columns with * width are not measured correctly when GridView is placed in ScrollViewer and its width is changed.
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GridView ColumnGroup Header does not refresh when bound to view model
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1. Define a custom AggregateFunction for a column
2. Group on a column
3. A calculation on the AggregateFunction is invoked
3. The Grouping.Key (of the input parameter) corresponds to the correct key
4. Edit a value on the column (having the AggregateFunction)
5. A calculation is invoked, but the Grouping.Key is "1" and not the correct key.
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1. Set RadGridView's setting DragElementAction="ExtendedSelect". 
2. Open a window on selecting a row.
3. Close the window, the RadGridView becomes ExtendedSelect.

Note: Most probably this problem is actually caused by a limitation in the Silverlight platform. Once a Window is shown, there is no way to detect that the mouse is released.
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The sort index will not be displayed when applying a custom sorting without adding a SortDescriptor, You can consider implementing Custom Sorting using the IComparable interface instead. As an example please refer to the Custom Sorting with IComparable WPF Demo. Using a generic SortDescriptor would also be an option. 
Please check our online documentation for a further reference:
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Hi Telerik-Team,


When creating a new item in the GridView by either mouse or insert button the row is not selected or highlighted.

I guess this is a bug, since a cell in the new row has focus but not the row.


Best regards,


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The performance of the RadGridView scrolling diminishes significantly when the grid has thousands of rows and alternating row styles are used.  This causes scrolling to be virtually unusable.  I note this is a known limitation of the RadGridView from information from 

We have had to remove the alternating row styles from our current product while porting to the RadGridView.  I am requesting if this issue is going to be fixed in the future anytime soon.
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gridviewdatacolumn distinct filter does not respect culture when displaying dates.

All the other display do display the correct format
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ViewRow's background is not correctly colored when RadGridView is within RadBusyIndicator and it is busy. There is no problem if your are using GridViewLoadingIndicator.
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1. Select the first row.
2. Hit Ctrl-End to jump to the end of the list. 
3. Hold down the Shift key and select the last row. 
4. Scroll up and notice that everything between the first page and the last page is not selected.

* there is a sample project attached in the support thread
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Using Telerik GridView. If a cell is wrapped multi-lines (the more lines the easier to reproduce), and the grid has both vertical and horizontal scrollbars. 
1) Fill one of the cells with a bunch of text in which will cause multi-line text wrapping of within that column.
2) Set focus to a different grid row
3) scroll the vertical scrollbar all the way to the bottom
4) scroll the horizontal scrollbar far enough away to lose visual of the Column
5) scroll the horizontal bar back to the right
Result: the vertical scrollbar will jump.
Expected: The scrollbars should not jump like this as it does not happen when the cell does not contain word-wrapped text.
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I have a custom column based on GridViewBoundColumnBase. In it I override GetCellContent. If I bind the column to a nested property (MyProperty.SubProperty), what I return in GetCellContent is not shown, instead the nested property's "raw" value is shown.

Attached is a project illustrating the issue.
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