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As an example Windows 10 OS Window gets different Opacity for its Title and Buttons when Inactive (open two Window-s and make them appear one behind the other -- the one in the background of the active window is inactive). Our Office2016 and Office2016 Touch themes are inspired by Windows 10 OS as we officially stated so we might mind adding this visual appearance on our side for RadWindow.
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Created by: Larry Salveson
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The default dialogs for the WPF RadWindow (Prompt, Alert, Confirm) do not seem to allow sizing of the content of the message. I have tried imbedding controls to set width and maxwidth, but I need to use a MaxWidth to prevent horizontal scrollbars. Ideally a Maxwidth parameter would be available allowing longer text message to spread out.

The code below works, but I'm restricted to a narrow dialog.

            Dim Scroller As New ScrollViewer
            Dim TextBlk As New Controls.TextBlock()
            With Scroller
                .HorizontalScrollBarVisibility = ScrollBarVisibility.Disabled
                .VerticalScrollBarVisibility = ScrollBarVisibility.Auto
                If Owner IsNot Nothing Then
                    .MaxHeight = (WPFScreen.GetScreenFromElement(Owner).WorkingArea.Height - 100) 'Do not use entire height
                    .MaxHeight = (WPFScreen.Primary.WorkingArea.Height - 300) 'Do not use entire height
                End If

                With TextBlk
                    .Margin = New Thickness(10)
                    .TextWrapping = TextWrapping.Wrap
                    .Text = Message
                    'We seem to be stuck with a fixed width available for our text.
                    'If this is increased a horizontal scrollbar appears.
                    .MaxWidth = 230
                End With
                .Content = TextBlk                  'Put textblock in scroller                 
            End With

            Dim RadDialog As New DialogParameters
            With RadDialog
                .Content = Scroller
                .DefaultPromptResultValue = DefaultValue        'Default prompt result
                .DialogStartupLocation = DialogStartupLocation
                .Header = Header
                .IconContent = IconContent
                If ThemeName.ToLower <> "expression_dark" Then ' *NoLoc*
                    .ModalBackground = m_SPIBackgroundBrush
                End If
                .Owner = Owner
                .Closed = New EventHandler(Of WindowClosedEventArgs)(AddressOf OnPromptClosed)  'Reference handler for response
            End With

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