Last Updated: 05 Jan 2017 08:00 by Douwe
Enable snapping to PeriodStart and PeriodEnd as well, when IsSnapToIntervalEnabled is set to "true"
Last Updated: 05 Jan 2017 08:00 by Petar
Created by: Petar
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Category: TimeBar
Type: Feature Request
Add the ability to extend/contract the current selection by Shift-clicking. This can be used along with the "IsSnapToIntervalEnabled" property.
Last Updated: 04 Jan 2017 14:11 by ADMIN
If the PeriodStart and VisiblePeriodStart is set to DateTime.MinValue zooming out using mouse wheel causes a crash. DateTime.Subract(TimeSpan value) method throws "ArgumentOutOfRangeException();". Looks like "TimeBarBase.CalculateLeftRightStep(this.SmallChange, centerOffsetPercentage, out leftStep, out rightStep);" does not calculate leftStep correctly.
Last Updated: 06 Mar 2017 09:03 by ADMIN
The values of VisiblePeriodStart and VisiblePeriodEnd properties are not respected after runtime theme change.