Last Updated: 29 Oct 2018 08:47 by ADMIN
Highlighting logic is not executed correctly when after an invalid expression, another invalid expression is entered.
Last Updated: 19 Oct 2018 13:21 by ADMIN
Incorrect order of operations when brackets are used.

Write 4*(3*2) + 1 in the code editor 

observed result: in the result preview the result is 28

expected result: the result should be 25

Workaround is to add brackets on every operation:
 (4*(3*2)) + 1
Last Updated: 11 Feb 2019 14:02 by ADMIN
When one clicks on the IF operator in the tree view of the editor the text that should be inserted in the text editor is "IF()". Currently, the text that is being inserted is "Condition()" which cannot be parsed.