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In WPF browser application it is possible to move the focus of a focused TextBox control inside the RadWindow to the parent page with Shift+Tab keyboard combination
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If you try to show a window, and right afterwards call RadWindow.Alert() or any other prompt dialog, the main window automatically closes.

To work this around show the prompt in the Loaded event handler of the RadWindow.
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   There is a bug in version 2019.3.1023.45 RadWindow when I minimum and restore window from task bar

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Created by: Larry Salveson
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The default dialogs for the WPF RadWindow (Prompt, Alert, Confirm) do not seem to allow sizing of the content of the message. I have tried imbedding controls to set width and maxwidth, but I need to use a MaxWidth to prevent horizontal scrollbars. Ideally a Maxwidth parameter would be available allowing longer text message to spread out.

The code below works, but I'm restricted to a narrow dialog.

            Dim Scroller As New ScrollViewer
            Dim TextBlk As New Controls.TextBlock()
            With Scroller
                .HorizontalScrollBarVisibility = ScrollBarVisibility.Disabled
                .VerticalScrollBarVisibility = ScrollBarVisibility.Auto
                If Owner IsNot Nothing Then
                    .MaxHeight = (WPFScreen.GetScreenFromElement(Owner).WorkingArea.Height - 100) 'Do not use entire height
                    .MaxHeight = (WPFScreen.Primary.WorkingArea.Height - 300) 'Do not use entire height
                End If

                With TextBlk
                    .Margin = New Thickness(10)
                    .TextWrapping = TextWrapping.Wrap
                    .Text = Message
                    'We seem to be stuck with a fixed width available for our text.
                    'If this is increased a horizontal scrollbar appears.
                    .MaxWidth = 230
                End With
                .Content = TextBlk                  'Put textblock in scroller                 
            End With

            Dim RadDialog As New DialogParameters
            With RadDialog
                .Content = Scroller
                .DefaultPromptResultValue = DefaultValue        'Default prompt result
                .DialogStartupLocation = DialogStartupLocation
                .Header = Header
                .IconContent = IconContent
                If ThemeName.ToLower <> "expression_dark" Then ' *NoLoc*
                    .ModalBackground = m_SPIBackgroundBrush
                End If
                .Owner = Owner
                .Closed = New EventHandler(Of WindowClosedEventArgs)(AddressOf OnPromptClosed)  'Reference handler for response
            End With

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Environment: VS Community 2019 (16.0.3), with .NET Framework 4.8 (release version, run-time and developer pack installed), Windows 10 Pro October 2018

Telerik UI version: latest (2019.1.220.45)


When VS2019 opened, Telerik UI for WPF should have been found under the "Extension" menu --> Telerik --> Telerik UI for WPF. However, there is only "Telerik UI for WinForms" under "Telerik" now. There is neither "Telerik scenario" in the "Add New Item" window so no RadForms can be created. Manually replacing <Window> in XAML to <telerik:RadWindow> does change the appearance of the window in the designer, but the properties in the Property window does not change accordingly to RadForms but still WPF standard Form ones. Toolboxes shows current lists of Telerik UI for WPF controls and they can be correctly created (at least RadButton). "Repair" in the Progress Control Panel doesn't fix this problem.



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The RadWindow's size shrinks while dragging it on a monitor with high DPI scale which causes it to shake a bit. In other words, the dragging is not smooth.

This was reproduced on a monitor with DPI scale set to 175%.
This is reproducible if you set the RadWindowInteropHelper.AllowTransparency on the RadWindow control (regardless of the value - True or False).
This is more noticeable in .NetCore projects.

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The issue is reproducible when the DPI is changed at runtime(new feature introduced with Windows 10) and therefore the application is not notified for the change. In order the application to be aware of the change the user have to logout and sign in (or the application should be DPI aware).