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Keyboard commands are not working for controls inside the InlineUIContainer. The reason for this is that RichTextBox is handling them.
The commands are: Left, Right, Backspace, Delete, Tab, Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V among others.

Attach custom event handler to the PreviewEditorKeyDown event of the RichTextBox. This event should set "e.SuppressDefaultAction = true" when the focus is in the InineUIContainer.
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When invalid rows that were loaded but not in viewport get valid, the invalid state (row validation indicator) is still visible.
Last Updated: 07 Aug 2019 10:23 by ADMIN
Loading document containing link with no destination leads to ArgumentNullException in PdfElementToFixedElementTranslator.CreateDestination method.
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When importing a document with empty pages collection an ArgumentNullException: 'Value cannot be null.
Parameter name: page', is thrown, which leads to application crash.

Workaround: Import the document using the PdfProcessing library and add an empty page:

PdfFormatProvider pdfProcessingFormatProvider = new PdfFormatProvider();
RadFixedDocument document = pdfProcessingFormatProvider.Import(stream);
if (document.Pages.Count == 0)


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The CIDFont dictionary may contain an array, describing the widths of the glyphs. If the width has a negative value an ArgumentException: 'Width and Height must be non-negative.', is thrown when the document is imported in RadPdfViewer, which leads to application crash.
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Loading items in RadGridView takes too much time due to operations executed on the UI. 
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RadRichTextBox (RTB) is used in MainWindow and no other controls are used.

Saving the RTB with PersistenceFramework results in endless loop of saving RTB dialogs and its template parts.

This results in StackoverflowException.


Option 1 for workaround

<telerik:RadRichTextBox x:Name="rtb" >
                    <telerik:PropertyNameMetadata Condition="Except" Expression="Dialog" SearchType="PropertyName" />


Option 2 for workaround

            PersistenceManager manager = new PersistenceManager();
            manager.PropertyPersisting += (o, ea)=>
                if (!string.IsNullOrEmpty(ea.Name))
                    if (ea.Name.Contains("Dialog"))
                        ea.Cancel = true;

            IsolatedStorageProvider isoProvider = new IsolatedStorageProvider(manager);            

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GridViewMultiColumnComboBoxColumn does not have any selected value in edit mode when SelectionBoxesVisibility is set to Collapsed/Hidden and AutoCompleteMode is Search/Suggest.
Last Updated: 17 Jul 2019 11:31 by ADMIN

Select an item with mouse, scroll thousands of items down and then shift select item to perform range selection. This will block the UI thread for seconds. 

Last Updated: 28 Jun 2019 11:22 by ADMIN
By specification, the InteractiveForm fields can have the same name if they are descendants of a common ancestor. Such fields are different representations of the same underlying field; they should differ only in properties that specify their visual appearance. When such a document is imported an ArgumentException: 'An item with the same key has already been added.' is thrown, which leads to non-editable fields in RadPdfViewer.
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When there is a text in a table row with dash and not space after makes the text squeezed when exported to PDF. For instance "Self-Insured". If the text is "Self - Insured" it is exported fine.
Last Updated: 06 Jun 2019 14:05 by ADMIN
When overriden in a derived class the GetAllNames method receives an empty IEnumerable in the "parentGroupNames" parameter.
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When using a display with scaling setting to more than 100%, floating pane docking does not work as intended. When dragging a pane out of a PaneGroup, and without releasing it, you drop it on top of another tab (so it is inserted into that position in the PaneGroup), nothing happens (window stays floating in that position). If you drag the already floating window on top of the same tab, then the default behavior happens and the pane is docked into the group. This behavior is reproducible on the Telerik UI for WPF Demo app.

See attached video for reproduction case in Demo app.


Technical Details:

For the failing scenario DragDelta on the ToolWindow is being triggered with wrongly scaled mouse position. On second drag drop operation, DragDelta receives properly scaled mouse position.

Failure case mouse positions:

DRAG START {864,128.8}
DRAG DELTA {871.2,142.4}
DRAG DELTA {864.8,114.4}
DRAG END {1081,143}

Second case mouse positions:

DRAG START {862.4,116}
DRAG DELTA {873.6,160.8}
DRAG DELTA {860.8,112}
DRAG END {860.8,112}
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The EI keyword defines an operator for ending the image data. When the stream contains the same sequence, the parser treats that as an end of the image data. As a result, the image and the following content cannot be properly parsed and there is missing content when the document is visualized.
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The offset of the CropBox is not respected and is always treated as 0.

Workaround: Import the document with PdfProcessing, change the CropBox offsets of the pages to 0, export the modified document and then import it in PdfViewer.
Last Updated: 03 Jun 2019 15:23 by ADMIN
The issue is reproduced mainly, when animated items are brought out of the viewport and then reenter the viewport.  
Last Updated: 24 May 2019 13:49 by ADMIN
Telerik.Windows.Zip.InvalidDataException for unknown (0xAD) compression method is thrown for some object streams.
Last Updated: 02 May 2019 10:47 by ADMIN
Typing in Find dialog is not possible when having an ElementHost in a WinForms Windows to host a WPF User Control which contains the RadRichTextBox.
Last Updated: 30 Apr 2019 12:42 by ADMIN

If I setup the richtextbox content through the UI as shown in P1.png and try to restore it by pasting the generated html, I get instead P2.png. Expected to be the same. 

I attached the sample project. We're using the recommended settings to use the same html in telerik reports, but can't find the reference on your site, it used on the on this link http://docs.telerik.com/devtools/wpf/controls/radrichtextbox/import-export/features-import-export-settings#htmlformatprovider