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Last Updated: 22 May 2020 10:17 by ADMIN
When you select a time span at the beginning of the period, the left thumb is not visible. Issue is reproducible with our Fluent theme.
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Last Updated: 20 May 2020 13:45 by ADMIN
When setting Wrap Text to an already merged CellSelection the row height is recalculated according to the cell height instead of keeping the initial height of the row.
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Last Updated: 26 May 2020 08:47 by ADMIN
Created by: Martin Ivanov
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Category: DesktopAlert
Type: Feature Request
Allow playing sound when the RadDesktopAlert opens similar to the WinForms feature.
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Last Updated: 21 Apr 2020 16:33 by ADMIN
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Last Updated: 11 Jul 2019 10:49 by ADMIN
The ImagesDeflaterCompressionLevel and ContentsDeflaterCompressionLevel in the PdfFormatProvider's export settings have 0 for default value instead of -1.

Workaround: Change the settings's properties to -1 explicitly.