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Created on: 23 Feb 2016 03:15
Category: ScheduleView
Type: Feature Request
radscheduleview special slots performance issues
We use an older version of the schedule view (2014.3.1110.45), and experience performance issues when we use more than just a few special slots.  I see a post about some optimizations in 2015 Q1, but I dont see any changes in the change logs.  Has this been addressed?  If we can be assured that it has then we will renew and upgrade.
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Posted on: 23 Feb 2016 12:34
Indeed, we made some optimizations of the special slots in Q1 2015, still it depends on the exact implementation you have. So I would suggest you download a trial version of UI for WPF and test it with your application. 

If you have any additional questions regarding this, please send us a support ticket with more details on your application and/or some sample code, so we to be able to test the exact case.