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Created by: Daniel
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I am using my own nuget server to deploy the Telerik Packages.

So I downloaded the file"Telerik_UI_For_WinForms_2020_3_915_Nuget_Dev.zip"

Unfortunately, the contained file "UI.for.WinForms.GridView.2020.3.915.nupkg" is broken:

For any reason, in the subfolder "lib\net40\" there are three different TelerikData.dll and TelerikData.XML files. When importing in our Nuget server, this leads to an error

Error: An exception occurred while rebuilding the package store: System.ArgumentException: Das Element wurde bereits hinzugefügt. Schlüssel im Wörterbuch: "lib/net40/TelerikData.dll". Hinzuzufügender Schlüssel: "lib/net40/TelerikData.dll".

Could you please fix your build-and-deploy process and re-upload the package?


Best regards

Daniel Petat